In a good marriage, each partner gets what they need from the relationship. Take Mark and Candi, for example. Candi likes having rough sex with other men. Mark loves watching his hotwife pounded by guys larger than he is.

"The story is well written and easy to read. The characters are nicely done and show just the right amount of excitement and trepidation. The results are very steamy .  A fun evening read."

When Dallas, a mountain of a man, moves into their suburban neighborhood, Mark  and Candi consider the possibilities. Will their new neighbor provide what they both desire?

"Excellent hotwife story. Mark and Candi have immensely spiced things up. Carter, 'The Dom' sure gets Candi to obey. . This kind of story really shows why a hotwife is so hot 🔥."

Mark and Candi, having discovered the joys of bondage and the magic wand, decide they no longer need to go outside of their marriage to find fun. A decision that lasts up until Mark's best friend shows up on their doorstep, needing a place to stay.

Mark and Candi take things to a whole new level. Hosting a sex party for some of their closest friends. And what a party it is. There's an all-girl threeway. Mark finally gets his fantasy of being with the sexy woman next door. A MFM threesome and plenty of MF hookups.

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The stories follow Candi & Mark as they explore the hotwife scene. All five books are well written, hot and spicy and get better and better with each story if that's even possible. The narrator does an excellent job and makes this a fabulous listen. I'll definitely be following Natalie Hothorne for more like this.