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Wick Tibbets

Wick writes about coming of age in the 1980's and the women he knew. The years may have distorted his memories a little bit, but that just make his stories more exciting and more humorous.

Natalie Hothorne

Natalie's writing celebrates hotwives and others couples who practice ethical non-monogamy. Her books feature beautiful, adventurous wives and the confident, open-minded men they love.

Melanie Udall

Melanie believes good things come in threes. Especially in relationships. My steamy ménage stories feature sexy bisexual men and fiercely independent women. When these characters meet, sparks fly and swords most definitely cross.

"I am overjoyed with the depth of emotional exploration in this steamy short. The dynamic between Laurie and Joe is what makes this piece stand out. Well written and engaging, this story isn't just your typical erotic fair. Instead it brings a touch of realism, emotion and a fun new exploration while making the steam matter."

— Amazon Review 

"This book is one of those rare finds that combines romance and erotica in a heartwarming story of love and kinky sex."

— Amazon Review 

"I've read a lot of erotica lately, and while I appreciate super hot and quick sex, it is also nice to read stories with character development and meat to the story. This story was enjoyable and believable."

— Amazon Review