The Kinky Kastlemans

When Joe and Laurie moved in together, it was a box of old porn that led them to explore their kinkier side. Toys, bondage, impact play, D/s and even pegging; now three years later, they have tried almost everything you can imagine.

Almost everything. Since meeting, the Kastlmans had not slept with other people. When Laurie has a surprising reaction to an orgy scene in the movie they are watching, Joe makes a shocking suggestion.

Will entering a lifestyle; where they can act out their fantasies in ways most people only dream of, further strengthen their marriage or cause it to crumble?

The Kinky Kastlemans, offers a thoughtful and realistic depiction of the couples first visit to a swingers club, as well as the anxiety that comes with ethical non-monogamy.

Don’t worry though, there are plenty of over-the-top sex scenes along the way. Including Laurie’s first lesbian experience.

The Kinky Kastlemans is the long anticipated sequel to Loving Laurie.

Dirty Parts

40,000+ words of Nothing But Hot, Vivid, Erotic Scenes of Lust

Are you the type of reader who opens a new book and immediately skips ahead, looking for the sexy scenes?

Then Dirty Parts is the perfect book for you.

All twelve of my books are gathered here. I have stripped away all the boring stuff, like plot, context and character development. All that is left are the Dirty Parts. You will also find a few, never published pieces as well.

40,000+ words of Nothing But Hot, Vivid, Erotic Scenes of Lust

Angela’s Reverse Harem

My name is Angela.

Last year, I found out my husband was cheating on me. To get even, I slept with his 19 year old son.

Having discovered a taste for younger men, I can’t get enough of them now. Living in a college town, I am surrounded by temptation. 

When I learned three of my favorite, former students were living in the frat house, just blocks from my new home, I immediately developed plans to get each of them into my bed.

Servicing The Repairman

Trudi has problems. Her husband is out of town and she hasn’t had sex in weeks. It is going to be 100 degrees out and the A/C is not working. Her credit card is maxed out.

Can she solve all of her problems by Servicing The Repairman?

Moving Violation

Not getting what she needs at home Chelsea wants to teach her husband a lesson. When they are pulled over by a hot cop, she seizes the chance to show her husband how a real man satisfies a woman

Sometimes you get what you deserve. I really enjoyed this story. The scenes were hot and I loved the ending!!”

Seduced By My Stepson

Angela’s husband is cheating on her. When his son shows up, unannounced she is shocked at what a hunk the shy boy has become. With her husband out of town, how far will Angela go to get even

Entertaining Her Husband’s Boss

Jessica is resentful when her husband Philip invites his new boss, Chris Markson, to dinner. The last thing she wants to do is prepare a fancy dinner just to impress some old man.

When the bisexual Jessica learns that Chris is short for Christine, the evening’s events take a sexy turn and things really get cooking between the two women.

Shared Desires

April Goliday has written some very sexy hot wife stories, but now she is about to live out one of her very own and it is hotter than anything she has ever imagined. Her husband Brandon has returned home and is eager to see his wife bring her stories to life. April has the perfect man in mind. She has been obsessing about the black bull, Marcus since the day she first saw him.

Will her long anticipated night with Marcus be everything both of her and Brandon have imagined, or will it jeopardise their marriage?

Find out in Shared Desires. Packed with erotic sex scenes, this last story in The Compromising Wives Series is the hottest one yet!


The complete Compromising Wives anthology in one book.

Servicing The Repairman: Wives in Heat Erotic Short Story
Moving Violations: Teaching Her Husband A Lesson
Entertaining Her Husband’s Boss: A Bisexual Hot Wife Story
Seduced By My Stepson: A Taboo Older Woman/Younger Man Story
Shared Desires: An Interracial Hot Wife Story

Loving Laurie

When Laurie discovers a crate of Joe’s old porn a whole new world opens for her. While viewing the films together, the topic of anal pleasure arises. Laurie confesses she has never done butt stuff. Fascinated by the thought, she contemplates the possibilities, but her initial concerns overshadow her curiosity. With the guidance of sexpert, Mona; and Joe’s patient attitude, Laurie finally conquers her worries and discovers a completely new level of intense pleasure. More than an erotic novella, Loving Laurie, is a tale filled with love and extending boundaries.

“This book is one of those rare finds that combines romance and erotica in a heartwarming story of love and kinky sex.”

Mona’s Story

How She Became a Hot Wife

Mona owns a thriving business and her marriage to the wealthy Burt is the envy of many women. So why does one lustful look from a young delivery driver have her on the edge of risking it all? To her surprise, Burt, who has a fantasy of his own and encourages Mona to act on her desire—as long as he gets to watch. What begins as a one time thing turns into a new hobby for the pair. There is no turning back after a chance encounter at a swinger’s club, leads to a threesome between Mona and the other couple. Now Burt is set on seeing his wife with the club’s, young bull Martin. Determined to see his wife with the stud and his big black cock, He will stop at nothing to make it a reality.

‘Just read Mona’s Story in one sitting. Incredibly steamy and erotic sex scenes with a great backstory. Still aroused an hour later. I loved it!’

Threesome In Paradise

Stephanie and Blaine have a great marriage, but after 15 years, things in the bedroom have grown stale.

Blaine has booked them a cottage at Mango Cove, unaware of the resort’s sexy reputation.

Stephanie sees the trip to Key West as a way of rekindling the passion that has been lacking in recent years.

Flynn is long and lean, deeply tanned. Mango Coves owner is slightly older and oozes confidence and charm. He is perfect for what Stephanie has in mind.

If she can just convince Blaine to go along with the plan, it will be a vacation to remember.

 “This story has good writing. It’s smooth flowing with realistic progressions from one event to the next Even the editing was done well with nothing jarring you out of the moment.

One Night In Gomorrah

My wife, Camilla has always been the stronger personality in our relationship. Since she started exploring her dominant side in the bedroom, our sex life has soared to new levels.

I have a secret, though.

I fear that if she discovers my growing desire to be with another man, she may leave me. Shame and punishment I can handle. In fact, I relish it. But to lose my Queen would be devastating.

As the urge to be with another man grows stronger every day, I wonder if the bond with Camilla will be strong enough or will I risk everything.

My Wife’s Idea

First Time Gay

When Tim’s wife confessed her desire to see him with another man, he immediately rejected the idea. “I am not gay!” he told her.

But he is curious. What would it be like to touch another man? To have a man violate him in ways he never imagined?

Until three days ago he had never considered the idea, now it is all he can think about.

Oh my I love the wife! I laughed so hard when she was yelling directions. This was a great short story.

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