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Hotwife Candi and her voyeur husband Mark are back at it again. This time they have their sights set on her new, sexy and wealthy boss, Carter Newman. There is just one problem. Carter refuses to let Mark watch. Can the seductive Candi, use her skills and charm to change his mind?

Along the way Candi discovers that her new boss has a dangerous kink of his own. Will she go too far this time. Will her need to be owned by the billionaire alpha, take her down a dark path she may not be able to return from?

This book was a sweet and super steamy story that you can read in one sitting, and i adored it! I'd never read from this author before but I'm definitely going to now. Totally recommend for anyone needing a fast pick-me-up"

"Ultra-hot and steamy freeuse quickie with multiple partners and lots of happy endings."

"Its a book, you will pick up, get hot and enjoy on multiple times."

"There's a lot packed into this short story; from character development and character motivations to the build up, teasing and anticipation leading to a hot climax."

""Mark and Candi have an unusual marriage. He likes to watch her enjoying other men. When a new guy moves into their neighborhood they decide to invite Dallas over for a 'play'. This is a naughty little read that is very spicy!"


⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Candi is a such a sweet wife. She needs more than her husband (Mark) has been providing. Bowie, their expert contractor is a real man that can help teach Mark a lot. I think this was a great hotwife story.

Very hot and steamy quick read. This short story starts when FMC trips on a loose deck board and insists to her husband it be fixed. The couple hire a contractor to do the work and get a side job of hot and steamy s-x between the FMC and contractor while the husband sits on the sidelines. 🔥🔥🔥🔥

This is a hot, fast and steamy read that has you melting in your seat. I love what Candi learns about Mark. A very pleasant surprise ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

I have not figured out what my boyfriend, Josh, is hiding from me, but it could not be as bad as my own secrets.

Three years ago I spent time at their home in Key West. It is how I met a local named Brock. He is sexy as hell and bisexual.

When things didn't work out between us, I moved back to Indianapolis and met Josh. He may not be as good looking as Brock, but he is much more open with his emotions.

Together they would be the perfect man.

When we are forced to make a trip to visit my parents, I hope to avoid Brock and keep Josh from learning about my past.

But it is a small town and secrets won't be the only thing shared.


"This book was amazing. The scenes were tasteful and erotic. It captivated the hot wife lifestyle perfectly. A total turn-on."

---Another Satisfied Customer


Great story where a woman embraces her sexy side and is able to go for what she wants. Loved it!

---Amazon Review