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Exploring their sexual kinks together, can be an intensely satisfying experience for couples. Communication and trust are the foundation such relationships. It also is a good idea to set limits on what is acceptable and what is not.

In One Night In Gomorrah, the newest book in the First Time Gay series, I touch on what can happen when that communication is missing and one partner feels their needs are not being taken seriously. Below is an excerpt.

Following the directions in the text I received earlier that day, I asked for Syndi at the sign-in terminal.

I was promptly greeted by a big redhead, dressed in a tight leather skirt and thigh-high boots.

Her smile never wavered, as her remarkable green eyes searched my face and body language, assessing whether I represented a threat or not.
Satisfied that I was safe, she gave me a long, graceful hand. “I am Syndi, I understand you asked to see me.”

Satisfied that I was safe, she gave me a long, graceful hand. “I am Syndi, I understand you asked to see me.” KEEP READING

The Compromising Wives Bundle

Also Available In Paperback

For the first time anywhere, the complete Compromising Wives anthology is available in one place.

Servicing The Repairman: Wives in Heat Erotic Short Story
Moving Violations: Teaching Her Husband A Lesson
Entertaining Her Husband’s Boss: A Bisexual Hot Wife Story
Seduced By My Stepson: A Taboo Older Woman/Younger Man Story
Shared Desires: An Interracial Hot Wife Story

The Compromising Wives Stories

Shared Desires

April Goliday has written some very sexy hot wife stories, but now she is about to live out one of her very own and it is hotter than anything she has ever imagined. Her husband Brandon has returned home and is eager to see his wife bring her stories to life. April has the perfect man in mind. She has been obsessing about the black bull, Marcus since the day she first saw him.

Will her long anticipated night with Marcus be everything both of her and Brandon have imagined, or will it jeopardise their marriage?

Find out in Shared Desires. Packed with erotic sex scenes, this last story in The Compromising Wives Series is the hottest one yet!

Seduced By My Stepson

Angela’s husband is cheating on her. When his son shows up, unannounced she is shocked at what a hunk the shy boy has become. With her husband out of town, how far will Angela go to get even

Entertaining Her Husband’s Boss

Jessica is resentful when her husband Philip invites his new boss, Chris Markson, to dinner. The last thing she wants to do is prepare a fancy dinner just to impress some old man.

When the bisexual Jessica learns that Chris is short for Christine, the evening’s events take a sexy turn and things really get cooking between the two women

Moving Violation

Not getting what she needs at home Chelsea wants to teach her husband a lesson. When they are pulled over by a hot cop, she seizes the chance to show her husband how a real man satisfies a woman

Servicing The Repairman

Trudi has problems. Her husband is out of town and she hasn’t had sex in weeks. It is going to be 100 degrees out and the A/C is not working. Her credit card is maxed out.

Can she solve all of her problems by Servicing The Repairman?

First Time Gay

My Wife’s Idea: First Time Gay

When Tim’s wife confessed her desire to see him with another man, he immediately rejected the idea. “I am not gay!” he told her.

But he is curious. What would it be like to touch another man? To have a man violate him in ways he never imagined?

Until three days ago he had never considered the idea, now it is all he can think about.

Will Tim give into his secret desires and go Straight to Gay for The First Time?

One Night In Gomorrah

I love being dominated

My wife, Camilla has always been the stronger personality in our relationship. Since she started exploring her dominant side in the bedroom, our sex life has soared to new levels.

I love it when she calls me Boy and orders me around.

I have a secret, though.

I fear that if she discovers my growing desire to be with another man, she may leave me. Shame and punishment I can handle. In fact, I relish it. But to lose my Queen would be devastating.

As the urge to be with another man grows stronger every day, I wonder if the bond with Camilla will be strong enough or will I risk everything by going First Time Gay

The Women of Passions

Threesome In Paradise

Stephanie and Blaine have a great marriage, but after 15 years, things in the bedroom have grown stale.

Blaine has booked them a cottage at Mango Cove, unaware of the resort’s sexy reputation.

Stephanie sees the trip to Key West as a way of rekindling the passion that has been lacking in recent years.

Flynn is long and lean, deeply tanned. Mango Coves owner is slightly older and oozes confidence and charm. He is perfect for what Stephanie has in mind.

If she can just convince Blaine to go along with the plan, it will be a vacation to remember.

Mona’s Story

‘Just read Mona’s Story in one sitting. Incredibly steamy and erotic sex scenes with a great backstory. Still aroused an hour later. I loved it!’

Praise For Loving Laurie

“This book is one of those rare finds that combines romance and erotica in a heartwarming story of love and kinky sex.”

“This is my first Natalie Hothorne-story and I like her style. There’s a sweetness too because the couple truly care about each other. All in all, a lovely read with enticing, unrestrained sex.”

“This novella was great! The dynamic between Joe and Laurie is perfect! Two people who aren’t scared about their desires and openly communicate them with each other makes for excellent steamy scenes!”

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