What Mandy Saw Bi The Lake

What Mandy Saw Bi The Lake

Midway through her run, her ears prick up at the sound of voices. She slows down, her heart pounding in her chest, as she realizes it's Crosley and Travis talking. They don't see her, and curiosity gets the better of her. She hides among the trees, eavesdropping on their conversation.

“What are we going to do about—" Thunder from a storm in the distance crackles and she does not hear the rest of Travis’ words. Mandy knows that the storm will soon reach the ranch, and she should hurry back to the house. But her desire to know what Travis and Crosley are talking about keeps her rooted in place like the mighty aspens that surround her.

Crosley sighs deeply, his voice tinged with regret. "I wish I knew, Trav. It's not something we have had to deal with before.”

"Things were simpler before she came, weren't they?" Travis chuckles ruefully.

Her heart pounds as she strains to listen, her breath caught in her throat. Her mind races with thoughts of betrayal and the possibility that Travis might have revealed her secret to Crosley. "Please don't let this be what I think it is," she silently pleads.

"— can't deny that she's had a positive impact on the ranch." Crosley rubs the bridge of his nose. "And on us.”

She's torn between the desire to know more and the guilt of intruding on their private conversation. A bolt of lightning illuminates the sky, and she moves further behind the trees.

Crosley's next words surprise her so completely that she almost gasps aloud. "Clearly we both have feelings for her, and she seems to share those feelings.”

"Is this really something you would be okay with?" Travis questions, "I mean, we're already walking a tightrope here with things between the two of us.”

“I know, but have you noticed how things have improved between us since she arrived.”

“It is like she brings out the best in both of us,” Travis agrees.

“I think we can put the rules aside."

"Rules?" Mandy wonders, her mind spinning with the implications of what she just heard. The turmoil in her heart shifts from fear to confusion, and she finds herself questioning the nature of the relationship between the two men she has grown so fond of during her time at the ranch. "Maybe they're just really good friends," she rationalizes, trying to assuage her guilt. Yet, deep down, she knows there is more to their connection than simple friendship.

"Feelings? Rules?" she whispers to herself. If she hoped for answers, she did not get them, just more questions. "What does it all mean?"

The moon casts its silvery light on the lake, illuminating the ripples as they dance in time with her racing heart. She stays hidden behind a large birch tree, her breath hitched in her throat and her mind reeling from Crosley's next words.

"As much as it goes against my better judgment," his gaze locked onto Travis', "I think if we don’t sleep with her, the frustration will eventually make us all crazy and no work will get done."

Fists clenched, she fights the urge to burst through the bushes and unleash her fury upon them. The audacity of making decisions about her without consulting her first sets her blood boiling. But as she takes a step forward, preparing to confront them, she hears something that stops her.

"Maybe we should talk to her first," Travis suggests, his voice tinged with uncertainty as he rubs the back of his neck. "See how she feels about all this before we go down that path."

"Agreed," Crosley nods. "We'll find the right time to discuss it with her."

Her heart thuds at the thought of such a conversation, both terrified and exhilarated by the prospect of laying her feelings bare. The storm has moved closer, the air grows heavy.

"That is why I love you. Because you're so logical." Travis' voice is soft, filled with affection and sincerity.

Crosley chuckles, his deep laugh resonating in the quiet night. "Someone has to be the voice of reason."

Before she can process what's happening, Travis leans in, capturing Crosley's lips in a tender kiss. The sight of the two men, strong and proud, sharing such an intimate moment leaves Mandy breathless, frozen in place.

As they pull apart, Mandy watches from her hidden vantage point, her heart twisting in conflicting emotions. There's a pang of jealousy, but also a sense of understanding. It's clear now; their connection runs deeper than just friendship or even partnership. They share a love that transcends the boundaries of their roles at the ranch.

"Let's talk to her tomorrow," Crosley suggests, his eyes locked on Travis'. "We'll lay everything out on the table and see what happens."

"Sounds like a plan," Travis agrees, reaching out to brush a strand of hair away from Crosley's face. His fingers linger, tracing the curve of his cheekbone before dropping away.

Mandy's eyes widen in shock when they begin to undress each other, their hands moving with practiced ease. She feels a surge of arousal course through her body as she watches the two muscular men strip each other bare.

"God, you're beautiful," Travis murmurs, his gaze traveling across Crosley's broad chest and down to his incredibly long erection. Their eyes lock, and Mandy can feel the intensity of their connection from where she stands, hidden among the trees.

Crosley drops to his knees, taking Travis' stiff cock into his mouth with a moan that sends shivers down Mandy's spine. Her fingers find the waistband of her shorts, tugging them down around her ankles as she succumbs to the overwhelming need for pleasure.

As Crosley's head bobs up and down on Travis' length, Mandy lets out a soft moan, her hand slipping beneath her panties to touch herself. Her mind races with conflicting thoughts; guilt at spying on the two men, but also a deep longing to join them and experience their passion for herself.

"Fuck, Croz," Travis groans, gripping a handful of dark hair as he thrusts into Crosley's wet, welcoming mouth. "You know just how I like it."

Mandy bites her lip, feeling her own excitement building as she rubs her clit in time with Travis' movements. Her breath comes in short, shallow pants, her heart pounding in her chest as she struggles to stay quiet.

"Enough," Travis growls, pulling out of Crosley's mouth with a wet pop. He helps his lover to his feet and guides him to lean against a nearby aspen tree, positioning himself behind him. "I need to be inside you."

"Jesus, yes," Crosley pants, his legs spread wide as he braces himself against the rough bark. "Take me, Travis."

With a deep, primal thrust, Travis enters Crosley, their bodies moving together as one. Mandy can't tear her eyes away from the sight, her fingers working furiously between her legs as she watches the two men fuck.

"Shit, you feel so good," Travis pants, pistoning in and out of Crosley with increasing fervor. Crosley's moans grow louder, his body shaking with each powerful thrust.

The lead edge of the storm has reached them, neither man takes notice of the small droplets of water landing on their flesh. But Mandy sees the way they glisten, illuminated by flashes of lightning. Glowing like Norwegian gods. The heavens open, but the cold rain does nothing to cool her burning flesh. She presses her fingers into her tight cunt, desperate to come when they do.

"Fuck, I'm close," Travis grunts, driving into Crosley. The howls of their simultaneous orgasms mix with the roar of thunder. Mandy buries her fingers as deep as they will go and flicks her engorged clit with a thumb. She bites down on her lip, to keep from screaming. Her body shakes and shudders as the tension that had been building since, she first set foot on the ranch leaves her body.

As their ragged breathing begins to subside, Mandy pulls up her shorts and backs away, still reeling from what she's just witnessed. The images of Crosley and Travis locked in passionate embrace flash through her mind like a reel of forbidden film, making it difficult for her to keep her balance on the now slick trails. With her heart pounding and legs trembling, she makes her way back to the house.