A Lesson In Seduction-Wick Tibbets

A Lesson In Seduction-Wick Tibbets

When Jenny opened the door, I instantly got hard. She was wearing a black lace bustier and stockings, complete with a garter belt. She had skipped the panties in favor of a thong that showed off her ass beautifully. I started to undress, but she stopped me.

“Easy there, baby. Now that you know how to pleasure a woman, it’s time to teach you how to seduce one.” She turned and headed to the kitchen. I followed closely, watching the twin orbs of her ass.

“We are going to play a game. Every time you get it right, I will take one piece of clothing off. Once I am naked, you can fuck me.”

“Sounds like my kind of game,” I said, eager to get started.

“Okay, let’s begin. I want you to cook me dinner tonight. What is your specialty?”

“Well, the only thing I know how to make is ramen noodles.”

“That’s it?”

“Sometimes I cook a little ground beef and add it in. My mom does most of the cooking at home.”

“All right, let’s start with that second part. When you’re trying to seduce a woman, don’t talk about your mom. Second, that is not dinner. I’m not even sure it’s food.”

“Does this mean you’re not taking anything off?”

“Sorry, baby. Rules are rules.” She walked to the refrigerator and took out a package wrapped in white butcher paper and some kind of vegetable.

“What are you making?”

“You are going to learn how to make pan roasted chicken breast and asparagus. Every man needs a signature dish that he uses to woo a woman.”

“I don’t know how to make that.”

“It’s easy. I’ll walk you through it while I ask you some more questions.”
Unwrapping the chicken, I realized this game would not be as easy as I had thought. “Blot the chicken with some paper towels, then chop the rosemary and sage.”

She went to the fridge and got a bottle of white wine. I rinsed my hands in the sink and took the bottle and corkscrew from her. “Here, let me do it.”

“Very nice, Wick. Women like men that do things for them without having to be told. You get a point.” She leaned against me and removed her four-inch heels. In her stocking feet, the top of her head reached just below my nose. I could smell the coconut of her shampoo.

“Get the cast iron skillet and a sauté pan from the cabinet over there.” She walked back to the other side of the island, putting the counter between us.

“Aren’t you going to ask me about my day?”

Putting the two pans on the stove, “How was your day, honey?

“My boss was on my ass nonstop. Nothing I was doing was good enough for her.”

“You’ve been complaining about that job since I met you. You know what you should do? You should quit your job and find another one. At the very least, go to HR and talk to them.”

“At this rate, you’re never going to get me naked.”

“What did I say wrong?”

“If a woman tells you about her problems, she just wants you to listen, not solve them.”

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to tell you what to do. I am sorry you have to deal with a crappy boss.”

“Much better.” She released the clips that held her stockings in place. Turning her back to me, she slowly bent over and rolled the hose down her shapely thighs. When she reached her ankles, her ass was sticking up in the air. I adjusted my cock, which was now pressing tight against my jeans.
Without even turning around, she said, “Stop staring at my ass and season the chicken.”

“Why did you bend over if you didn’t want me to look?”

“I wanted you to look, but it makes a woman uncomfortable, if you stare. We want you to appreciate us for our non-sexual parts as much as our naughty parts.”

As I put the chicken in the pan, I was thinking how much I didn’t know about women. Just then, Jennie yelped in pain. She was standing on one foot. “I tried to reach the good dishes from the top shelf and got a cramp.”
Lifting her to the counter, I massaged her calf. When I felt it loosen, I worked my way up, massaging her thighs. Her breathing was heavy, but I sensed I would earn more points by stopping. She let out a sad sigh and hopped off the counter.

“Sometimes anticipation can be very sexy. Good for you, knowing that.”

When she dropped the garter belt to the floor, all that remained were the tiny thong and her top. She came to stand next to me at the stove. “You can turn over the chicken and then put it in the oven to finish.” She poured a little olive oil into the sauté pan before adding the broccoli. “This is the perfect dish to serve before sex. It’s light and healthy. Cooking as a couple is great foreplay.”

Looking into her dark brown eyes, I said, “You’re not just beautiful, you’re smart, too.”

When she removed her top, it took all my willpower to focus on her eyes instead of her perfectly rounded, firm tits. I knew from experience how hard her nipples had to be at this point. Still I did not look to check.

“You’re doing very well. I think you’re going to get to fuck me after all.”

“I don’t want to fuck you,” I said. “I want to make long, deep, passionate love to you”

“Oh my God,” she moaned. “I want you right now.” Hooking her thumbs under the thin string holding her thong, she lowered them to her knees before letting them fall to the floor, then left into my arms, wrapping her legs around my waist.

She was a tiny thing, and I had no trouble supporting her weight, but I wanted my hands free. I took two steps and set her on the kitchen island. Her hands went to my belt, pulling my shirt tails from my jeans. Our tongues entwining the whole time. When she had my shirt off, I pulled her close, wanting to feel her nude flesh against mine. She buried her face in my chest and I kissed her behind the ear, the way I knew she liked. Her hand dipped into my boxers. “Is that all because of me?”

“What can I say? You’re so beautiful, you make me hard.” She leaned back, letting me have a full view of her amazing body. I knew exactly what I wanted to do with her.

Jennie told me, during our first night together, that a woman likes it when a man takes charge. But I was not some alpha male. I was a nerdy teenage kid. Calling on my years of RPG experience, I had developed a character and was eager to try him out.

“Slide back,” I commanded. Grasping her ankles, I positioned her feet on top of the counter. She let out of gasp when she realized what I had in mind.

“Wick, I eat my breakfast here.”

“You can wipe it down when we’re done. Now spread those legs.”

“Oh my, when did you get so much confidence?”

“Since I started fucking hot, older women.”

I could tell my words were turning her on by the way the flesh around her nipples contracted and shifted color from a light pink to pale brown. My mouth on her hard nipple drew another soft moan. I lick, suck, and bite at her breasts. She moans and arches her back. Her fingers entwine my hair, pressing my mouth more firmly to her hot flesh. Her back arched further and my hands went to her ass, bracing her in place

Moving to her knee, I kissed inward. By the time I reached her thigh, I could see moisture seeping from her seam. Her lips swollen and slick with need. I was eager to taste her tangy juices, but I am not the inexperienced lover I was when Jennie and I first met. I do not rush. I take my time. By going slowly, I heighten her enjoyment.

I kiss her belly and she raises her hips, urging me lower. Her pussy is void of all hair. My tongue glides easily across her smooth flesh. I see her lips part, begging for attention. Slipping the tip of my tongue in her seam causes them to further swell. Like a bud, kissed by the morning sun, she opens wide to me.

Tracing a line up and down the space where her inner and outer lips meet, I reach up to massage a breast. She guides my hand to her nipple, moaning when I give it a light tweak.

Grinding herself against my face, wanting even more. When I pressed inside her hole, she let out a long moan. Her juices were flowing freely now. I replaced my tongue with two fingers. I quickly found the spot she had shown me how to find before. “Oh, that’s it, baby. Right there. Now lick my clit.”

When I felt her tight walls clench, I sucked her tender nub into my mouth and gently bit down. Almost immediately, she exploded. Thrashing like a woman possessed, hips twisting, howls of ecstasy filled the kitchen.

Moving my fingers became impossible as her entire body went rigid. Crying, “Fuck” over and over till all the tension released.

She slid her feet off the counter and pulled me to a standing position. “Your turn now,” she said. “Help me down. Let’s move to the bedroom so I can suck your cock.”

I lifted her from the counter but held on to her. Spinning her around, I said, “Your mouth is not the hole I want to fill. Bend over”

Once she assumed the position, I removed my jeans and shorts. My prick was already jutting straight out, but I paused, taking a moment to appreciate her finely sculptured ass. Like the rest of her body, there were no tan lines. She must have known I was staring at her by the way she impatiently shifted from foot to foot, shaking her ass.

Stepping towards her, I run a finger across her folds. She is wetter than I have ever felt her. Clearly, my dominant persona is turning her on as much as it is me. I take a risk and slap her on her ass. She lets out a sharp yelp when my hand strikes her flesh, but the way her body shivers tells me she likes it.

I tell her I could look at her body a thousand times and never grow bored. Running a finger from her shoulder down to the small of her back where it tapers and then flares out again at her hips before meeting that spectacular ass.

Jenny was growing impatient. She pushed backwards, grinding against my cock. Wanting to give her what she needs, I slide gently into her waiting hole. I grab her by the hips. When she feels my cock against her, she presses backwards. “I need it, baby. Give it to me.”

She is slick and I meet little resistance. It does not take her long to adjust to my thickness. “Fuck me hard,” she whispers.

I hear her, but I pull back slowly. Jennie let out a disappointed sigh. Seconds later, when I drive forward, she gives a deep groan. I tease her like that for another moment, but soon my arousal is too much. Gripping her hips firmly, I pick up the pace and slam my cock deeper in her needy pussy.

Our moans and cries echo off the white tile walls of her kitchen. When Jennie grips at the edge of the island, I know she is close. Snaking a hand between her thighs, I find her swollen clit, and press against it with a finger. Her legs quiver, gripping the counter more tightly as she lowers her head, driving backward.

My balls feel tighter than they have ever been. I know this will be a massive load. My cock is on fire. I let out guttural grunts as I pound on her already battered pussy. She cries out for even more and I slap her across the ass. When she tightens around my shaft it is more than I can take.

Her climax pushes me over the edge. With both hands back on her hips, I fuck her like a wild beast, so desperate is my need to cum. This causes her to erupt again, drenching me in her juices, and I explode.

I fell against her, both of us exhausted. It takes a moment to register the sound of the smoke detector going off. Turning to the oven, I remove the charred asparagus from the stove top.

“I guess I didn’t do very well with my lesson,” I said to her with a grin.

Handing me a Chinese takeout menu, she says, “That’s okay. We can try again tomorrow.”

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