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For those times when you just want to get off and don’t need the whole story. Here are just the DIRTY PARTS

Back Home From Paradise

An MMF Short Story They were in the shower. His large hands soaping her body. Stopping now and then to trace the outline of her breasts. Reaching behind her, Linda grabbed his already erect cock and gave it a squeeze. “God, I have missed you.” He kissed the nape of her neck; his hand touched her swelling folds. Leaning forward, to better allow him entry, she planted a foot on the edge of the tub. When he buried his cock to her full depth, she let out a gasp. Her pussy had missed being stretched so wide. It was a…

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A Lesson In Seduction

by Wick Tibbets When Jenny opened the door, I instantly got hard. She was wearing a black lace bustier and stockings, complete with a garter belt. She had skipped the panties in favor of a thong that showed off her ass beautifully. I started to undress, but she stopped me. “Easy there, baby. Now that you know how to pleasure a woman, it’s time to teach you how to seduce one.” She turned and headed to the kitchen. I followed closely, watching the twin orbs of her ass. “We are going to play a game. Every time you get it…

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Fireworks In Paradise

Linda was on the treadmill next to her best friend, Chloe. “It started about 3 weeks ago. The girls would not be home until 11:00 and I intended to take advantage of the privacy. I was wearing a lacy red thong and matching bra, I ordered from Passions. I had on the red fuck me pumps, which used to drive Alex wild. Licking my lips, I gave my hair a shake and walked into his den.” — He was reading a case file and did not look up when she walked in. From behind, she ran a manicured hand across…

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Threesome On Vacation

Stephanie shimmied out of her shorts. Standing before the two men she said, “Now let’s get you boys out of those clothes.” Flynn remained seated, waiting to see what Blaine would do. Standing and facing Stephanie, Blaine took his wife in his arms. Whispering in her ear, he asked. “Are you sure this is what you want?” Slowly unbuttoning his shirt, she assured him it was exactly what she wanted. Kissing him full on the lips, she slid the shirt over his shoulders. She felt Flynn’s hands gently resting on her hips. His lips brushed her shoulders. She let out…

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Banging The Delivery Guy, While Her Husband Watches

Recovering his ability to speak, Tony said. “Is this some kind of reality show? Are you fucking with me?“ Mona placed two fingers to his lips. “Shh. Do you want to fuck me, Tony? Nod your head if you do.” After a nervous glance in Burt’s direction, he nodded his head. “My husband has given me his permission to have sex with you. He will not be taking part, he will simply be an observer.” “So let me get this straight, we fuck and he just watches.” “Yes.” Burt answered. “I want you to do things to me you have…

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Our First Hotel Party

Nude, I was on my knees. Hands bound behind my back, secured to the dresser with red para cord. His cock growing harder in my mouth, told me he was about to cum. The sides of my head gripped in his strong hands, guiding my mouth up and down the length of his rigid shaft. With the orgasm building deep within his groin, his legs stiffened. “Cum for me, baby,” I mumbled around his dick. That was all it took. Joe let go of my head and stroked himself. Within seconds, thick threads of cum covered my tits. He moved his…

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Club Aurora: A Swingers Tale

Mona watched as a young goth girl in tight leggings and an oversized Madonna t-shirt stepped up to the DJ’s booth. She heard Martin’s voice behind her; she turned around to find him. He was just finishing giving several couples the tour. Her eyes widened, and she spun her head back to the table, looking down. “What is it Mona? You look like you saw a ghost.” Burt asked. “The couple behind me. The woman in the white blouse with the guy in the blue shirt.” She said. “No, don’t look,” she hissed. “I know those people. I hope they…

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And So It Began…

I am convinced my wife fucking other guys is a key reason the sex has remained so great between the two of us. After all these years together, we still make love three or four times a week. More during play weeks. In the five years since I married Laurie, she has had sex with more men than in all the time before we met. When I met Laurie, I deleted my on-line dating profiles. Without even realizing I was searching, I had discovered my soul mate. Laurie has never given reason to believe she feels any different. She tells…

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