Chapter 1-Joe

I am convinced my wife fucking other guys is a key reason the sex has remained so great between the two of us. After all these years together, we still make love three or four times a week. More during play weeks.

In the five years since I married Laurie, she has had sex with more men than in all the time before we met. KEEP READING


Chapter 2-Laurie

Joe came home just as I was taking dinner—pot roast, out of the oven.

“Mmm something smells good enough to eat.” He said. “I’m not sure if it’s you or the pot roast.”

My husband likes to think of himself as a comedian. His sense of humor is one of the things that drew me to him. He has a great many qualities I desire in a man, not the least of which being that he is a thoughtful lover. Joe is that love of my life.

“Go clean up so we can eat.” I told him. I was eager to get the evening started. I was hoping for another night of great sex. Our sex life is incredible and the previous evening had been amazing. KEEP READING

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