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Fireworks In Paradise

When Linda caught sight of the pink beaches and luxury resorts she searched the horizon for Temptation. Their signature cabanas, extending out over the water made it easy to find.

She wrapped her arms around Alex and kissed him. “This will be a memory we hold the rest of our lives.”

Linda has no idea just how right she is. What begins as a Fourth of July vacation, to help the couple reconnect, soon turns explosive when they meet Scott, the resorts sexy executive chef.


Linda married Alex early, and over 17 years, they’ve built a marvelous life together. But she’s finding herself with questions. Though Alex is a great husband, she can’t help wondering what she missed out on, marrying the first and only man she ever slept with. She can’t seem to stop fantasizing about being with another man.

Alex has some questions of his own. Back before he met and fell in love with his beautiful wife, there had been someone else. A man. For years, Alex has kept that night a secret. Told himself it was just curiosity. Now, as much as he adores Linda, he thinks there may be a part of him she can’t satisfy.

At Temptations, the couple meet Scott. He’s thoughtful, intelligent…and gorgeous. And he just might be the man who answers all their questions—including some they haven’t even asked themselves.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: Fireworks in Paradise is part of the Temptation In Paradise collaboration. It can be read as a standalone story and has a happily ever after ending. It is a MMF story and includes scenes with male to male sexual contact. Lots of it in fact. Hot, steamy man love.


A paradise where there are two men (sometimes more) for every woman.

Life is too short to let your fantasies slip away unexplored. Welcome to Temptation in Paradise Resort, where you can indulge in your most secret, hedonistic desires. This multi-author series explores the lives of singles and couples and groups who want a little more from life and love. Dive in and enjoy 21 MMF, MFM and Reverse Harem stories from your favorite authors.

Learn more about this MMF romantic adventure and all of the books in the Temptation In Paradise collaboration here.

In the meantime if you want to know more about the resort, check out the video below.

Temptation in Paradise Resort

Coming May 2nd, 2022

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