As a teacher, I get home a couple of hours before Joe. This allowed me to get dinner ready without having to rush. It also gave me time to decompress and take a little me time.

That day, I used the time to take a deeper look at Club Aurora’s website. I wanted to see what was involved in applying for membership. The photo requirement concerned me most. I was confident in my body. Joe and I had been to several nude resorts. I am not perfect, but draw an appreciative look from time to time. Joe has gotten a few sexy pictures from me during the workday.

Being nude was not my concern. Being nude on a swinger’s site with my face showing scared the hell out of me. If the wrong people saw it, it would be the end of my teaching career. According to the membership page, they required a photo, but you could hide your face in your public photos. Pictures could be set to two levels of privacy. Public and Private. Anyone who belonged to the club could view your public photos. They restricted private photos to members you gave a “key” to. I knew the perfect picture.

Feeling better, I decided when Joe got home, we would set up our profile.

“Let’s take a look, here.” We were sitting on the couch. Joe had the laptop balanced on his knees. After pulling up the Club Aurora website, he clicked JOIN.

According to the application, they wanted our names and address. Although they claimed it was a safety precaution and that our identifying information would never be seen by other members, I had my doubts.

“Don’t you remember what happened with the Ashley Madison scandal a few years ago?” I asked, referring to the large on-line cheating site that had a major data breach. “Millions of people had their lives ruined; lost their jobs and marriages. Their lives were destroyed.”

“I think you are overreacting. Madison was a major website, with thousands of high profile users.” Joe pointed out. “I find it unlikely a hacker is going to bother exposing a few consenting adults at a club in little Brownsburg.”

“I see your point. Still, in makes me nervous.” I was eager to visit the club and realized registering would be the only way we could join. “Go ahead, sign us up.”

Joe did not wait for me to change my mind. He two fingered his way through the form.

He stopped when he got to the portion visible to the membership. He thought for a moment, his tongue sticking out, before typing HotCouple4You in the space for user name.

“Very original. Give me the laptop.” I said.

“What you don’t like it?”

“No. I don’t. Besides, as slow as you type, we’ll be here all night.” I said, “We still need to take the picture.”

“What picture?”

“Our p

rofile picture. Don’t worry, I’ve already decided what it will be. You just need to take the photo.”
Before Joe could ask questions, I deleted HotCouple4You and changed our screen name to Smart&Classy.

“Which one of us is smart and which is Classy?”

“That up to our new friends to decide.” I said with a wink.

Continuing with the form, I entered actual ages 45 for me and 46 for Joe. I marked my body type as curvy and Joe’s as average.

“Average? Don’t you mean athletic?” he protested.

“Joe Kastleman, I love you to death, but you are about five years past athletic.”

“About the same time we have been together. You’ve ruined me.” He said in mock seriousness.

“Don’t worry babe, I find your dad bod sexy as hell. So will the women at the club.”

His ego stroked, Joe read the next question aloud.

“Sexual orientation. Well, that’s an easy one. Straight and straight.”

“I’m not so sure.”

“Hilarious, you know I am as straight as they come.”

“Yes, dear,” I sighed. “I was talking about myself.”


“I am curious, is all. I’m not saying I want to go down on a woman.” Although I secretly wondered what it would be like to have another woman, eat my pussy. “I did a little reading, and it seems people a prefer hooking up with couples when the woman is bisexual. It creates more options.”

“Options are good,”

I marked the box next to bi-curious. Next was Tell Us What You Are Looking For. I looked at Joe. Why were we doing this? We had a terrific marriage and an awesome sex life. Until three days ago, I never had a desire to be with anyone but Joe. Now it seemed it was all I could think about.

“What do you hope to gain from this?” I asked him. “What will you get from this that we don’t already have?”

He thought for a moment. “Options. You said it yourself, it gives us more options. There are only so many things two people can do together.”

“Is that the only reason? You want to add variety?” I was skeptical.

“No, it’s not even the main reason. I know this is going to sound crazy, but the thought of watching you with someone else gets me incredibly turned on. You are like a wild woman when we make love. Sometimes I wish I could be a spectator to your orgasm. Not thinking about my own needs or distracted by what my body is feeling.”

“I could masturbate for you.”

“It’s more than that. You riding another man’s cock. There is something feral about the way you make love. Face flushed with need, the way your nipples harden. Your long hair flailing as your hips pump up and down, desperate to cum. I want to watch and listen as you cry out in pleasure. Watching you receive pleasure makes me happy.”

Hearing Joe so vividly describe his desires aroused me, but I also realized that my own motives may not be so altruistic. Besides my first husband and Joe, I have had very few lovers. I wondered if I had missed out on something. Joe was the love of my life, but if he wanted me to sleep with other men, why not take advantage of the opportunity and satisfy my curiosity?

I did not tell Joe this, instead I said, “Being with you is what makes me happy. I can not imagine any man satisfying me more than you do.”

He leaned over and kissed me.

I kissed back, letting his tongue explore mine. He nipped at my lower lip with his teeth. I sucked his lip into my mouth. Hands explored the hem of my sweater, looking for a way in. I pulled the sweater over my head, then climbed on his lap.

Pulling Joe tight, I pressed his face into the crook of my neck and shoulder. He slid a hand behind my back and freed my breasts.

“I never tire of looking at them.”

He tongued over her my large areolas, causing them to pucker. I shivered. When he took my nipple in his mouth and sucked, I let out a soft moan. He massaged the other breast with his warm hand. I arched my back, pressing my pelvis against his hardening cock. He pressed back, hard. Our hips ground against one another. I was soaking through my panties.

Clutched in his arms, I fell back onto the couch. The need was strong. Joe unbuttoned his shirt and pulled me close again. Our naked flesh; hot, melding together, aching to be one. He slid my pants and panties down in one smooth motion. I unfastened his jeans. There was no need for foreplay. My pussy was throbbing. I wanted his cock in me.

When I grasped his penis and guided it to my wet opening, he let out a moan. I gasped as he forced his way in. The full thickness of Joe bore down hard with each thrust. The effect was instantaneous. An electric pulse was building deep in me. Growing stronger and stronger until it threatened to explode out of every nerve ending. As the tight muscles of my pussy clamped around him, Joe thrust harder. Over the sounds of our heavy breathing, I could hear the beating of my heart.

He grasped my ass, stilling my thrusting hips. Together we found the perfect rhythm. The sound of flesh slapping flesh filled the room. Each of us sought orgasm with a fiery need.

“I am going to cum,” he warned

“God Yes! Cum for me baby.”

All it took was feeling his hot cum inside me. The orgasm that had been building within me released. “OH MY! GOD!” I cried.

Every fiber of my body had been on fire. Heat continued to radiate from her throbbing sex. I squeezed Joe’s still hard cock tightly, having no desire to release it any sooner than I had to.