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The Women Of Passion 
A group of loosely related stories involving Mona Charles and her upscale adult boutique, Passions.

The stories share a common theme of strong female characters, with loving partners who support their desire for personal and sexual growth.

Each story can be read as a stand-alone and contains realistic and sometimes graphic depiction of sexual intimacy. Every store has a Happily Ever After.

The first four books in the series are:

Loving Laurie
Mona’s Story
Threesome In Paradise
The Kinky Kastlemans


“I enjoyed this fun premise. Home alone and horny while her husband Brandon is off working on an oil rig for several months, April plans to work on her novel but finds herself blocked. She instead starts writing erotica and the words just flow.

Each chapter in this book is framed around a story she writes, which are in turn inspired by events in her own life and the wanderings of her own mind.

A lot of her erotic imagination during these weeks focuses on a handsome black stranger – older and well-dressed – she met in passing, and keeps running into around town.

There’s a lesbian interlude which April writes when she hears one of Brandon’s crew members is a lesbian, and April doesn’t want her to feel left out when the boys are passing around the dirty stories. I really liked where it lead, Jessica’s seduction by a woman about to promote Jessica’s husband.”


40,000+ words of Nothing But Hot, Vivid, Erotic Scenes of Lust

Are you the type of reader who opens a new book and immediately skips ahead, looking for the sexy scenes?

Then Dirty Parts is the perfect book for you.

All twelve of my books are gathered here. I have stripped away all the boring stuff, like plot, context and character development. All that is left are the Dirty Parts. You will also find a few, never published pieces as well.

40,000+ words of Nothing But Hot, Vivid, Erotic Scenes of Lust

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