Watching The Contractor

Watching The Contractor

Two days later, construction began. Bowie started by ripping out the old deck. It was demanding work, and the day was hot. He had removed his shirt halfway through the day and when Candi brought him a glass of lemonade, his muscled torso was bathed in sweat.

“Looks like thirsty work. I thought you could use a cold drink.” Taking the glass his fingers briefly touch hers and a jolt of electricity spread up her arm. He smelled of sweat and sawdust.

“Thank you. I should be done with the demo by this evening.”

“About the other day—”

“Hey, don’t sweat it. You’re not interested and I’m not going to force myself on you. I’m not some kind of creep. I will do the job I was hired for and mind my manners.”

She was pleased there would not be any awkwardness between them, but also a little disappointed that he had given up so easily.

Before going into the house, she could not help but peek at the bulge in his shorts. He must have caught her looking because it twitched. Embarrassed, she pulled her eyes away. “Enjoy your lemonade, I will be in the house if you need anything.”

Trying to ignore the ache in her crotch, she went upstairs to work on a grocery list. The sounds of demolition work below came through the office window, drawing her attention. Damn was he sexy. Legs that looked as if they had been carved from tree trunks. The type of muscular legs that would deliver a powerful pounding. If he tried to take her, Candi knew she would be powerless to stop him

She slipped a hand beneath her shorts; she was soaking wet. She ran a finger over her pussy, thinking of how Bowie’s rough hands would feel on her slit. Her body responded, lips swelling with expectation. Candi slid her shorts down and continued to finger herself. Watching as the contractor’s muscles strained at the heavy boards. Closing her eyes, she imagined his tongue buried in her hole

Her juices were flowing freely now, and a warmth built deep inside her. Touching her clit brought soft moans. She moved her feet further apart. Imagining his meat cock filling her from behind, she moaned louder. Leaning against the window frame for support, she shoved in two fingers. Her pussy spasmed in response and her hips rocked at the anticipated release.

She worked her hand furiously, moving in and out. Her breathing became heavy with want. When she felt her orgasm begin to build, she used her free hand to pinch a nipple through her tank top. Her legs shook and she bit her lip to stifle the cry, as wave upon wave of pleasure radiated across her body.

Once her orgasm subsided, she quickly pulled up her shorts. Giving one more wistful look towards the contractor. He was looking up at the window. She jumped back out of sight, wondering if he had heard her cry out or worse yet, seen what she was doing.

For all his flaws Mark was devoted to her, and she loved him. Candi had never cheated on her husband, but she realized that would all change if she could not find a way to deal with her lustful desires for the handyman. It was only day one and Bowie was scheduled to be there for the next two weeks. If she did not find a way to deal with it, her marriage could be in jeopardy.

She had spoken the truth, when she told Bowie, that Mark and she did not have an open marriage. But she knew someone who did. Later that night, she would broach the subject with Mark.

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