Hanna & The Drama Teacher

Hanna & The Drama Teacher

It was the day after graduation and the last day of work for the faculty. Hanna convinced her mother to let her borrow the car, telling her she wanted to meet up with some friends. When she walked into the school, almost everyone had left. She found Mr. Jenkins backstage in the auditorium. He was boxing up props and costumes.

“Hello Hanna,” he said, surprised to see her.

“Hello Hyatt. You don’t mind if I call you by first name, now that I am graduated, do you?”

“Not at all. In fact, I like the sound of it.” He fingered the costume in his hand, it was the gown she had worn in her last performance. “We are going to miss you around here. When do you leave for New York?”

“In the fall, I need to save up some money for living expenses first. My boss at the diner said he will give me as many extra shifts as I want.”

“Well, I am sure your parents will be happy to have you around a little longer.”

She closed the distance between them. “What about you Hyatt? Are you glad I will be around longer?”

When she reached for his cock and squeezed it through his slacks, she caught him off guard. “What are you doing?” he asked but did not pull away.

“What I have wanted to do for years,” she whispered. “And judging by how hard you are, you have wanted it, too.”

Finally, he stepped back from her grip. “We can’t do this. It would be wrong.”

“What would be wrong with it? I am 18 and as of yesterday, no longer your student. I have seen the way you look at me when there is no one else around. You want this as badly as I do.”

“I am a married man,” he protested weakly.

“And you shall stay a married man. I am not asking you to leave your wife. I will be moving to New York in a few months. That doesn’t mean we can’t have a little fun together until then.”

She pulled the dress over her head and shook out her long black hair. The sight of her firm young breasts pushing above the top of her simple white bra, caused him to take a sharp breath. When she unfastened the clasp and leaned forward, allowing the garment to fall to the floor, Hyatt saw his fantasies have done her an injustice. Her breasts were far more spectacular than he imagined. Teardrop shaped, large and close set. Gently swaying with her every move. He wants to bury his face between them and stay there forever.

Before he has a chance, Hanna wraps her arms around his waist, her head resting on his shoulder. He breathes in the floral scent of her shampoo. It smells like innocence. “Are you sure this is what you want?”

Both feel his cock twitch when she replies, “I have been saving myself for this exact moment.”

His kiss is like fire on her lips. They parted slightly, allowing his tongue access to her needy mouth. Hanna feels her body responding. His hand is on her ass now. Squeezing and fondling her firm cheek. She wonders if he can feel the heat radiating from between her legs.

Hyatt feels her dampness. Without breaking their kiss, he lifts her onto the sewing bench. Hanna shifts her hands behind her and arches her back, aching to feel his mouth on her breasts. He slips her hair behind an ear and kisses her neck. She shudders. Gripping the back of his neck, she forces his kisses lower. Only stopping when his mouth is directly above her hard pink nipple.

Hyatt needs no further encouragement and suckles. Hanna’s heavy chest is heaving with every movement of his tongue over her darkening nipples. She squirms on the hardwood when her teacher runs his hands up and down her sides but stops him when he hooks his thumbs into the elastic of her cotton panties. “Not yet. I want to feel you in my mouth.”

The older man cannot help but let out a groan of delight. He had fond memories of when Doris would suck his dick. But it had been years since his wife had taken him in her mouth. He helps his student down, and she drops to her knees in front of him. She looks up at him with a look of innocence. “I have never done this before, but I have seen some videos on the Internet. I hope I please you.”

Hyatt is not sure if the young actress is telling the truth or playing a part. She unbuckles his belt; his slacks fall around his ankles. Her breath warm through his boxer briefs; suddenly what is reality and what is fiction no longer matters to him.

Hanna is not lying. Even if she had wanted to be with one of the many high school boys who desired to take her cherry, she would not have had the opportunity, cloistered as she was by her father. Her knowledge of sex came from watching the animals on her family’s farm and a pornographic magazine her cousin kept hidden in the barn.

She takes a deep breath and pulls his underwear down. His hard cock springs free, hitting her on the chin. Hyatt is nowhere near as long or thick as the men in the magazine. She is happy to see. It is the perfect cock for her first time.

Cautiously, she takes it in her hand and is surprised by its warmth. She gives it a squeeze and hears her teacher let out a long moan. Wrapping her fingers around the shaft produces even louder moans. She moves her hand up and down and suddenly stops. She looks up and sadly says, “You came already.” It takes him a second to realize she is talking about the precum leaking from his tip. He tries to not laugh while explaining the difference. It is now obvious to him the girl had been telling the truth about this being her first time, but he is past the point of no return.

Hanna, embarrassed by her mistake, is eager to shift his attention. She uses his precum to lubricate his shaft before running her tongue up and down its length. The liquid tastes sweet, not salty, like she had expected. The sight of his testicles swaying back and forth fascinates her. Hyatt lets out a soft growl as she fondles them.

Her mouth finds its way to the tip of his cock. She licks around the sensitive ridge before taking the engorged head into her hot mouth. Her tongue swirls back and forth while she continues to play with his balls.

The older man entwines her long hair in his fingers, then urges her to take him deeper. She is eager to please her mentor and opens her mouth wider. The thrusting of his hips drives her nose against his pelvis. She inhales the muskiness of his pubic hair, and grabs his ass, pulling him as deep as she can before her gag reflex kicks in and she pulled off, with an audible pop.

“I am sorry,” she says, looking up at him.

“Don’t be sorry my dear. Had you kept that up, I really would have cum, and I want to be inside of your virgin pussy.” He extends a hand and helps her to her feet. After removing his shirt, he guides her to a sofa used as a stage prop. Before laying her down, he removes the dust cover. Her panties are soaked through and he almost cums when he sees the way they cling to her puffy lips.

Hanna is looking up at him, her head on the arm of the Victorian sofa, black hair cascading over her shoulders; a barefoot resting on the floor, the other on the couch, her knee bent. In her eyes, he sees desire mixed with expectation. She is counting on him to lead the way.

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