Candi Loses At Poker But Cums Out On Top

Candi Loses At Poker But Cums Out On Top

"Let me see if I have this straight." They were on the back deck drinking a beer. Neil seemed to be having trouble wrapping his head around what Mark had just told him. "You hired this guy to build you a deck. And then you let him fuck your wife, while you watched."

"It's not as crazy as you are making it sound. According to Candi's friend Trudi, she is a hotwife too, it is a pretty common thing. Lots of couples do it." Neil doubted it was all that common but did not correct his friend.

"Then she screwed the neighbor?"

"Right. Dallas, he's a lumberjack. I wish you had gotten to meet him before he moved. You would have liked him. He's a really cool guy."

"Unbelievable. Then she got mixed up with her boss, who was some kind of Dom?"

"Right. Carter Newman. I never met him. I just watched the feed from his security cameras. That's where I got the idea to tie her to the bed."

Neil took a long pull on his beer and was silent for a while. Mark and his wife certainly had a much more interesting life than he would have ever imagined. But it was not one he would choose for himself. "Are you suggesting I should let Talia become a hotwife and watch while she fucks other men?"

"No. Not at all." Mark gave out a snort. "You're too good for her. Candi has always thought you could do better."

"Then why are you telling me all of this?" He took another drink.

"Because Candi wants you to fuck her."

Beer shot from Neil's nose as he choked on his friend's words. Surely, he must have heard Mark wrong. "What did you say?"

"You heard me right; Candi wants you to fuck her. Assuming you're okay with me watching."

Neil had dreamed for years of an opportunity like this. His friend's wife was the hottest woman he knew. More than once, he had fantasized about tapping that sweet ass of hers. But the idea of Mark watching made him uncomfortable. “Let me think about it.”

“No rush, dinner should be here soon anyways.”

After dinner, Mark told his wife of the conversation with Neil. "I think he really wants to do it but is hung up on the fact that I would be watching."

"Let me take a try. Give us a few minutes alone.” She found Neil on the deck. Standing behind him, she rubbed her hands over his shoulders. "I'm disappointed. After this afternoon, I thought you would jump at the chance to be with me.”

“I want to, I really do.”

“Then what is the problem?

“Talia and I were never swingers or whatever you guys call it.” He paused. “I've never had another man in the room while I did it.”

Candi knew Neil well enough to know he was not homophobic, and Mark had gone with him to the gym enough times that Neil would know by any measurement of dick size he came out on top. “What are you so afraid of? What do you think will happen?”

“I am afraid of what might not happen. What if I cannot get it up with Mark watching?”

Candi tried not to laugh. “How about you let me take care of that. I am exceptionally good at what I do.” She gave his cock a squeeze and realized he might need a little more convincing.

“What if we play that game of strip poker, you wanted to play the other night? Mark can deal but it will just be you and me playing. Then we can see where things go from there. How would that be?”

He agreed and they set up the card table in the living room. While Mark shuffled the cards, Candi went over the house rules for their guest. "The game is five-card draw, and you can draw up to three cards. The only thing wild is your hostess." She flipped her hair and licked her lips.

"First person to be stripped bare loses. Of course, we don't have to play the whole game if the urge strikes you." She ran her hand up and down Neil's thigh. "In case things get to that point, you should know a few things. I like it rough. So don't be afraid to pull my hair, call me dirty names or slap my ass. Really just about anything else you want to do is okay with me. Just don’t stick it in my ass. That hole is reserved for my husband.”

‘Jesus, your wife is fucking amazing.”

Mark gave him a wink. “You don't know half of it. Yet.” He dealt the cards.