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Fireworks In Paradise


Linda watched in amusement as Alex tried to decide where to set up for the conference call. He did not want his client to know he was on vacation, but the choices for background were very limited in the cabana. The desk was little more than a narrow table with metal legs at either end. Once he had it centered in the room, Alex removed the nude print from the wall and checked the view on his laptop screen. “Perfect. They will never know I am at a sex resort in the Bahamas.”

There was a knock at the door. Linda answered to find Scott, bearing a bakery box. “My pastry chef is making lemon torts for dessert this evening. I thought you might like a preview.”

“Yum. Come on in,” she said, giving him a kiss on the cheek. He smelled wonderful.
Seeing Alex in his suit coat and no pants, he asked what was going on.

“My largest client has some concerns. Their inside counsel is nitpicking over the language in a merger agreement I spent six months putting together. So instead of having fun in the sun, I will be listening to their requested changes for the next couple of hours.”

Looking at Linda, Scott said. That doesn’t sound like much fun for you.”

“I will probably just sit and read.”

“Nonsense, grab a bag. We are going to the beach.”

“Don’t you have to work?”

“My sous chef can handle overseeing the prep work and lunch. We will be back in plenty of time for dinner service.”

“Alex, do you mind if I go with Scott?” she asked.

“No, go ahead. Have fun. I will meet up with you at the bar around five.”


Linda was grateful for the company, but worried that Scott might get in trouble. Surely, the resort had rules about fraternizing with guests.

“If anybody asks, you and your husband are friends from back home who just came down for a visit. Not that anybody really cares.”

Enforcement of the rule was pretty lax.  Hell, a couple of months ago, even the General Manager, Mr. Turnquest, had—well, never mind, that’s a completely different story.

As they exited the boardwalk, Scott asked, “Nude or Prude?”

“Excuse me?”

“Which beach do you want to go to? The clothing optional or the nude one?”

She was not sure that she was comfortable with Scott seeing her naked, even if he was gay. “Let’s start with the clothing optional.” If he was disappointed, he did not show it.

They had almost reached the beach when Scott’s phone chirped. It was Sebastian Whitfield. He told Linda to find a nice spot for them.

“Hello, sir.”

“I’m not going to beat around the bush. I want you at Manningham. I talked to the board, and they have agreed to provide anchorage and winter storage for Liberdade.

Scott was impressed. In addition to the generous salary, the perks they were offering were worth another $12,000. “I’m very interested, sir, but I’m in the middle of something. Can I call you back later?”

“Damn it. I want you, but I must have an answer by noon on Friday. After that, the board has instructed me to start considering other candidates.”

“You will have my answer by then, sir.”

Linda had found a spot away from the crowds and spread out a blanket. When Scott arrived, she asked, “Is everything okay?”

“Yep, just some top-secret chef stuff,” he said with a laugh.

“So, how did you go from law school to being a chef?”

“My mother wonders the same thing,” he said with a laugh. “The law was never really my passion. She wanted it much more than I did.”

“Scott seemed to think you had a talent for it. He was surprised when he found out you didn’t go back for your second year.”

He let out a laugh. “It was my time at MM&F that convinced me being an attorney wasn’t what I wanted to do with my life. It was such a viper’s den. People were only interested in furthering their careers. I saw so much backstabbing.”

“Oh, I am sorry. It sounds like a horrible experience. I can’t imagine what that must have been like for you.”

“Alex made it bearable. He seemed to take an interest in me. To him I was a person, not just another intern, to dump his scut work on.” The affection in his voice was not lost on Linda.

 “You must have realized that there were other firms. That not all of them would be the same.”

“I know, but my heart just wasn’t in it. Practicing law feels like something you do to people instead of for them. Lawsuits, divorces, negotiations. There is always a winner and a loser. Cooking is something you do for people. It is an expression of love. By the time my internship ended, I knew I wasn’t going back to law school. Instead, I enrolled at the Culinary Institute of America.”

“That must have taken a lot of courage.”

“I don’t know about that, but I felt more comfortable on my first day there than I had after a full year at Harvard.” They were silent for a while, people watching.

“The ocean is so relaxing. I could sit here all day just watching the waves roll in,” Linda commented.

“I don’t know that I could ever be happy anywhere that doesn’t have access to the ocean,” Scott said. “What about you? What was it like growing up in the middle of the country?”

“It was miserable, if I’m being honest. My mother was just 18 when she married my father, who was straight out of seminary school. They were very strict. My father worried about my virtue and my mother worried about their reputation within the church. I was not allowed to date until I was 18.”

“Wow, that’s hard to believe. It sounds like something straight out of Footloose.”

“You joke, but I wasn’t allowed to go to dances either. As I got older, I saw how unhappy my mother was and I vowed that would not be me. I would not settle down with the first man I ever met.”

“So, you went off to college and became a party girl, right?”

“Not even close. I met Alex my first week on campus and fell in love.”

“You’re kidding right?”

“No, I am not. The irony is, my mother is now the party girl. After my father passed away, she left the church. I asked her one time if she saw herself marrying. She told me she had spent 40 years with my father and had no intentions of limiting herself to one man ever again.”

“What a very liberating attitude.”

“Yes, I am happy for her. And I’m a little jealous.”

Scott looked at her with a raised eyebrow.

“Don’t get me wrong. I love Alex and the girls. I wouldn’t trade the life we’ve built for anything. But I wonder what sex would be like with someone other than my husband.”

“You’ve come to the right place for that. The resort is full of good-looking men who would be happy to help you find out.”

“Don’t you start, too. You sound like Alex.”

He tilted his head quizzically.

The sun was incredibly hot that afternoon and Linda could feel perspiration gathering in her cleavage. Her comfort level with Scott had increased. “Would it bother you if I removed my top?”

“Not at all.”

She unfastened the hooks at the back of the bra and let her breasts bounce freely. She felt his eyes immediately go to her chest. “Your husband is a very lucky man.”

“You would think so, but do you know what that idiot suggested this morning? He told me he thought I should sleep with other people.”

“How did that make you feel?”

“It pissed me off. Like he was trying to ease his guilt over working on our vacation.”


“It feels like he’s trying to pawn me off on another man out of guilt.”

“Did he sound guilty when he offered?”

“No, he sounded like he was getting off on the idea.”

“Are you sure that was all it is?” he asked, rolling on his side so he could face her

“What do you mean?”

“Some men enjoy the idea of their partner sleeping with other men. I have worked here long enough to know that it is a pretty common fantasy.”

“Men aren’t the only ones with that fantasy,” Linda told him

“You mean women who want to see their husbands with another man? Yeah, that happens here too. Not as often as the other way around, but it does happen.”

“That sounds pretty fucking hot,” she agreed. “But I mean, women fantasize about being with men other than their husbands.”

“Then what is your objection? You get the pleasure you seek, and your husband gets the knowledge of knowing his wife is happy.”

“What about the sanctity of our marriage wouldn’t that be a violation?”

“I’ve seen many happily married couples who make themselves miserable with the notion that they can love only one person. Human beings are not wired that way. Boredom eventually sits in, no matter how much you love your partner. This entire place is built on the idea of enjoying the company of more than one person.”

Linda was rubbing sunscreen on her thighs. When she finished, she looked at Scott. “I have a confession to make. Alex is the only man I’ve ever slept with. He’s a wonderful lover and a great provider, and I wouldn’t change anything about him.”

“I sense a but, coming.” Scott gave her a warm smile.

She looked out at the calm turquoise waters before continuing. “But there are times when I wonder what I missed out on but by not dating other men.

“It sounds like Alex has offered you the chance to find out. Why not take him up on it?

Looking into his soft green eyes, Linda knew she could not lie to him. “Maybe. I think subconsciously, that’s why I brought us here. I knew all about the resort’s reputation, but I didn’t plan on acting out my fantasies. I love Alex with all my heart and would never do anything to jeopardize what we have.” She let out another sigh. “Now, I’m asking myself, ‘why not’. If he doesn’t care, why should I?”

“I think what you are talking about is called a hot wife situation.”

“I don’t know. Maybe I’m not making myself clear.” Linda had read a lot of erotic novels and was familiar with the terminology, but could not find the words to tell Scott what she wanted. “I don’t want to be a hot wife. Going off to meet other men while my husband sits at home, even with his permission, it would feel like cheating.

“Alex could watch.”

“Eew, that would make me feel even more like a skank. I’m talking about doing things together with Alex. I want him to be a part of it.”

“So, swingers then. Is that what you want?”

Oh my God, he was going to make her spell it out. “No, I don’t want to hook up with other couples.  I am taking about one man. Someone that we both have a good relationship with. Someone we could trust in the bedroom but also enjoy spending time with.” She blew out a breath. “Somebody like you.”

He gave her his most charming smile. “I knew what you were talking about all along, but I wanted you to say it.”

“You are a mean—” He cut her off with a kiss.

When Scott leaned over and kissed her, Linda was shocked. It did not, however, keep her from kissing him back. They were quickly clenched in an embrace. Linda let out a soft moan when Scott’s large hand cupped her breast. She broke their kiss long enough to say, “I thought you were into men.”

“I am, but I adore women as well.”

Linda felt his fingers at the waistband of her bottoms, and knew if she let things go any further, she would not be able to resist his touch. She placed her hand on his. “I want you, but not like this. Not here, where anyone can see us. Also, I want to talk to Alex first. I need to be sure he is really on board and that we’re both on the same page.”

“I agree. I like your husband and would never do anything to come between the two of you.”

“You are so sweet.” She gave him a peck on the cheek, whispering, “And I can’t wait for you to fuck my brains out. But now I think I need a drink,” she said, jumping up and putting her cover-up on.

Scott wrapped a towel around his waist, trying to hide his erection, and followed her to the beach bar.

The fireworks are just beginning. What will happen when Linda discovers that her husband, Alex, has secret desires of his own?

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