Fireworks In Paradise

Linda was on the treadmill next to her best friend, Chloe. “It started about 3 weeks ago. The girls would not be home until 11:00 and I intended to take advantage of the privacy. I was wearing a lacy red thong and matching bra, I ordered from Passions. I had on the red fuck me pumps, which used to drive Alex wild. Licking my lips, I gave my hair a shake and walked into his den.”

— He was reading a case file and did not look up when she walked in. From behind, she ran a manicured hand across his muscular chest. Still, he did not look up. “What’s a girl got to do to get noticed around here?” she sighed in exasperation.

His nose buried in the file, “Just give me a half hour, darling. I’m almost done.”

“Christ, I swear I could invite my lover over and you would never even notice.” She said in annoyance.

Alex set the file aside and turned to face her. Pulling his wife to his lap. “Do I know this lover of yours? Is he somebody I work with?”

“God no. The last thing I need is another overworked lawyer who doesn’t have time for me.”

“Where did you meet him?

“The gym.”

“A real muscle head, huh?”

“No, not at all. I mean, of course he’s athletic. Tight abs, broad shoulders, very muscular biceps.” She whispered, “and a fat cock.” Alex shifted beneath her. He was getting hard.

“What do you two of you do?” He unfastened her bra.

“Oh, you know. The usual. We kiss a lot. Tongues exploring. He pauses and brushes my hair behind an ear before kissing my neck. He finds the spot just above my collarbone. A hand brushes across my ass.”

Linda flushed with excitement as Alex nuzzled her neck and cupped her ass. “You mean like this?” She let out a slow moan.

“What happens next?”

“He undresses me. Once I am nude, he carries me to the bed. I watch him remove his clothes. There is no hurry. We have all the time in the world. He knows my husband will be working late.”

She looked at Alex, expecting to see a twinge of guilt in his eyes. Instead of guilt, she saw hunger. Alex lifted her to her feet and leaned her over the desk. Pinning her hands as he undressed.

 “He joins me on the bed. Atop of me, one hand holds my wrist above my head. His free hand reaches between my thighs and comes out wet. His finger in my mouth, I taste myself.”

Linda felt his thumb move the silken fabric, covering her labia, to the side and his finger part her wet seam. His hard cock replaced his finger. Although she is slick with want, his girth still causes her to groan when Alex slams deep into her. Her moans become muffled when Alex slides a finger into her mouth.

A hand slaps at her ass, causing her to cry out. It stings, but most deliciously. Her nipples graze the desk top every time Alex rocks forward. Focused on her building orgasm, she does not care that every thrust forces her harder against the desk.

“Does this lover of yours know how much you like this?” She felt Alex’s thumb slip in her ass and lost all control. The sense of fullness put her over the edge. She climaxed harder than she had in months.

Alex was still pounding her from behind. She could feel him swell as he neared his own orgasm. “Do you let him cum in your pussy, or do you make him pull out?”

“He pulls out,” she screamed, as a second explosion racked her body. Her arms gave out. She collapsed on the desktop as the first stream of hot cum landed on the small of her back.

When Alex came back with a wet towel to clean them up, he said, “I don’t believe you ever told me the man’s name.”

Still basking in the afterglow, Linda said the first name that came to mind. “Scott. His name is Scott.”

“Perhaps you should invite Scott to dinner. I would like to meet him.”

— “We made love two more times that night.” Linda said, stepping from the treadmill.

“That’s great.” Linda had been complaining for weeks about Alex’s lack of attention.

“The sex was fucking phenomenal. But it was like he couldn’t care less until I brought up the subject of another man. Then he was all into it. It has been the same ever since, unless one of us mentions ‘Scott’, nothing happens.

“When you’ve been married as long as you two, sometimes it takes a little imagination to spark things up. You tapped into his fantasy. Build on it.”

“Maybe it’s my fantasy too.”

“Even better.” Chloe said. “You should think about a visit to Temptation. It has done wonders for me and Glenn.”

Chloe and Glenn had traveled to the adult lifestyle resort for at least five years that Linda knew of. According to Chloe, the sex with her husband was more frequent and much better since she started meeting with a man named Raul on their semi-annual excursions to the Bahamas.

While she had no intentions of sleeping with another man, Linda thought the sexy environment might just be the thing to put the spark back in their bedroom. She made a snap decision. The girls would be at camp the week of Fourth of July and her and Alex were going to the Temptation In Paradise Resort.

A 4th of July vacation, in paradise is just what Alex and Linda need to jump start their marriage. Neither has any idea but, their world is about to be rocked by Scott. The sexy, bisexual chef at Temptation resort.

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