Banging The Delivery Guy, While Her Husband Watches

Recovering his ability to speak, Tony said. “Is this some kind of reality show? Are you fucking with me?“

Mona placed two fingers to his lips. “Shh. Do you want to fuck me, Tony? Nod your head if you do.”

After a nervous glance in Burt’s direction, he nodded his head.

“My husband has given me his permission to have sex with you. He will not be taking part, he will simply be an observer.”

“So let me get this straight, we fuck and he just watches.”

“Yes.” Burt answered.

“I want you to do things to me you have only fantasized about.” Mona said

Tony was stunned, but undressed. Mona ran her eyes over his lean body. He had several intricate tattoos across his muscular chest and taut abdomen. His broad chest was void of hair. Mona wanted to run her hand over his smooth, brawny torso. She saw he had muscular legs, legs that looked like they could deliver a powerful pounding. She felt herself getting wet. Pressing out towards her from between his taut thighs was a beautiful cock. Arrow straight and heavily veined, it appeared to be at least seven inches long and very thick. She thought of the things she would do with that hard on. Her pussy throbbed.

Pulling her to him, he kissed her. She allowed his tongue to explore her mouth for several minutes. He tasted of wintergreen. His kiss became more aggressive, nipping at her lip as his hand roamed up and down her body. He explored every contour, but his hands kept returning to her ass. He pulled her against his cock. She let out a moan as she felt how hard he was for her.

Mona had been standing in the hall and heard the earlier conversation. If Tony had not been laid in a year, she doubted he would last very long the first time. She dropped to her knees, giving Burt a splendid view of her ass. She took Tony in her hand. It was not the thickest dick she had ever had, but it was in the top three. Precum was already seeping from its tip. Using her hand, she spread it over the fat head and stroked down his shaft, Tony let out a groan.

Looking up at him, Mona asked. “If I suck you off, will you be able to get hard again?”

“It has never been a problem before.”

“Good,” she said, right before running her tongue down his shaft and licking his heavy balls. Hefting them in her hand, she knew his first load would be massive, and she wanted every drop.

Opening her mouth wide, she took Tony’s now engorged cock. She swirled her tongue along the sensitive underside.

Tony moaned loudly, “That’s it, yeah.”

This caused Mona to take him deeper in her mouth, darting up and down the upper half of his cock.

She felt his hand on the back of his head, urging her to take him deeper. Relaxing her throat, she slid down his shaft until her nose rested on his pelvis bone.

“Oh, you are such a good little cocksucker.” Tony told her.

This caused Mona to give out a soft purr. Tony thrust his hips, as the sound of her pleasure caused the back of her throat to vibrate, and fucked her mouth rapidly.

Realizing the effect she was having on Tony, she let out a louder and longer purr. Tony grew in her mouth and twitched. Her body gave a little shudder as Tony’s cock released a year’s worth of pent up frustration down her throat.

Gagging a bit as she attempted to swallow it all, she moved back and let the rest fill her mouth. As she released his dick with an audible pop, one small drop oozed out of the tip. She leaned in to lick it off. She heard Burt give out a small groan.

Unsure if it was from pleasure or regret, she turned to look at him.

His eyes were wide with lust at what he had just witnessed.

To Tony he said, “She’s very good at that, isn’t she?”

“Yes sir, you’ve got yourself quite the little cocksucker there.” With his immediate needs met, the swagger that Mona had seen on the young man’s earlier two visits seemed to return.

“Lets see if that pussy tastes as sweet as it looks.” he said, causing Mona to flush with anticipation.

He helped Mona to her feet. His clean shaved cock was now flaccid but still thick. His balls had shrunk, having so recently released their seed in her mouth.

Resuming his place on the couch, he told Mona, “Strip for me, slowly.”

Feeling herself grow wetter at the sound of Tony’s commanding voice, Mona swayed her body. She moved as if to music only she could hear. Turning her ass to Tony, facing Burt. “Are we good?” she mouthed. Her husband gave one quick nod of his head.

Turning back to the ex soldier, Mona ran her hands over the milky flesh. Cupping her pussy through the thin fabric of her silk panties.

Tony was already growing hard again. Turning her back to him, she removed her bra. When she turned back around, she was holding her pillowy breasts in manicured hands. She pinched one of the dark nipples between her red lacquered nails.

The sensation was an exquisite mixture of pain and pleasure. Running her tongue across her lips, she blew a kiss. She caressed her cheeks and shoulders; and then cupped her breasts. Both men were breathing heavily as she removed her panties and walked to where Tony sat on the couch. Placing one foot next to his thigh, she gave him a close up look at her glistening pussy. “See how wet you make me.”

Tony inhaled her scent before plunging his tongue between her thighs. She had not been prepared for how aggressively he attacked her pussy and had trouble keeping her balance until Tony cupped her ass with one large hand, lending support.

He plunged his tongue inside her pussy, eager to taste her. His raw lust excited her, she felt her juices soak his face. Tony with one hand on her ass and the other behind her neck lifted her in his powerful arms and laid her on the couch. She spread her legs for him. One foot on the floor and the other resting on the back of the sofa.

Mona closed her eyes and surrendered all control. His exploration of her pussy was not so rushed now. She felt his hands massaging her breasts as he licked her outer lips. His gentle tongue traced their soft folds, flicking at her clit.

She let out a loud moan as she felt him enter her with a finger, and then a second. Circling her clit with his thumb, he removed a slick finger and slid it in her ass. She let a loud gasp as his hungry mouth replaced his thumb. She felt herself slipping over the edge as he sucked on the swollen nub. When he bit down, she lost all sense of time as the orgasm seemed to go on forever.

Her pussy was still twitching when he came up to kiss her. She could taste herself on his lips. Still trying to catch her breath, she let out another gasp as she felt Tony’s cock press its way past her swollen lips and enter her.

Mona felt him pull out and gave a small whine. When he slammed back into her, she let out a scream. She had not felt so filled in a very long time. He continued that way, dragging back and then driving forward hard. Mona screamed as a second orgasm racked her body.

Tony paid no attention as she begged for a minute to rest. He flipped her over and lifted her to her knees and began fucking her from behind. Mona’s body could not help but respond. She slammed her hips back to meet his every thrust. His cock was hitting all the right spots. When Tony slapped her on the ass, she lowered her head and just whimpered; she was so close. He slapped her other cheek, and she exploded, drenching his cock in her juices.

Mercifully, he slowed his movements and allowed Mona to regain her composure. Her breathing had returned to normal when she turned her head and asked him, “How do you want to cum?’

“Did you mean it when you said I could use you any way I wanted?” he asked.

“Yes, I am your little slut. Do what you want with me.”

“I have already had two of your holes, I want the third now.” he said, “I want to fuck you in that hot ass you were so eager to show me.”

“Let him have your ass.” Burt said, as he slowly rubbed his cock through his pants. Mona could see the spot on his slack where he was already leaking precum. If he wanted a show, she was going to give him one.

Having Tony sit on the couch facing Burt, she took him in her mouth and coated his cock heavily with her saliva. Then lowered her ass onto the hard cock. She looked Burt in the eye and mouthed, “I love you,” before spreading her ass to allow the thick head to pass through her tight ring.

“Fuck, oh yes.” she yelled. She loved it in the ass and knew that she would have her biggest orgasm of the evening. She leaned forward, her breasts swaying, and rode Tony hard. Keeping one hand on his thigh for balance, she rubbed her aching pussy with the other. She bounced as Tony’s hips pistoned beneath her. Sliding three fingers into her opening, she felt his cock rubbing the back of her hand through her smooth wall, teasing her g-spot.

In that moment, nothing else mattered. Not the fact that her husband was watching, nor that she barely knew the young man beneath her. All that mattered was her desperate need for release. She wanted it, needed it.

Burt was stroking his cock across the room, captivated by the look of desperate desire on his wife’s face.. Her long blond hair was a mass of tangles, sweat poured down her contorted face, she was biting her lip. Burt had seen her orgasm that way before, but it was the first time he had witnessed it from a distance. It was the sexiest thing he had ever seen.

Then Mona let out a feral scream as her eyes rolled back in her head and her entire body shuddered. For young Tony, it was too much to withstand. Unable to hold back, he came hard inside her ass.

Mona raised herself off of Tony and felt the wetness of their joint passion running down her thighs. She gave the young lover a kiss and excused herself to clean up.

Burt waited as Tony got dressed and then showed him to the door. He was already removing his shirt as he walked down the hall to their bedroom. It was time to reclaim his wife.

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