Our First Hotel Party

Nude, I was on my knees. Hands bound behind my back, secured to the dresser with red para cord. His cock growing harder in my mouth, told me he was about to cum. The sides of my head gripped in his strong hands, guiding my mouth up and down the length of his rigid shaft. With the orgasm building deep within his groin, his legs stiffened.

“Cum for me, baby,” I mumbled around his dick.

That was all it took. Joe let go of my head and stroked himself. Within seconds, thick threads of cum covered my tits. He moved his spurting cock from side to side, coating my tanned flesh. Once the last droplet fell, he stepped back to appreciate his handiwork. Large areolas looked like glazed muffins. Joe ran a finger across them before touching his cream to my lips. I sucked it greedily.

He reached behind my back, undoing the knot that secured me to the cheap dresser. I rubbed the numbness from my arms before pulling his face to me. I whispered, “That was hot as fuck!”

Joe wiped the remaining cum from my chest with a warm towel.

“Thanks, babe. Now help me up, my thighs are cramping.”

After pulling me to my feet, he bent to pick up the Magic Wand. “One more time, before I clean this off?”

“I think three orgasms are enough for one morning.”

“Three?” Joe asked.

“Yes, once when you were eating me. Once with the wand…”

“Obviously,” Joe said, looking at the wet spot where I had squirted all over the floor. “But I must have missed the third one.”

“I had a little one when you came on my chest.” I said with a grin.

Joe chuckled and called me a perv.

“True, but you love that about me.”

“True, but I love everything about you.”

“You say the sweetest things. Now let’s get ready. I am starving. We need to eat before the party.” Brad and Kenda only served finger food at their get-togethers. “Do you need in the bathroom before I hop in the shower?”

“Let me pee and clean the wand first.”

Joe came out of the bathroom drying the toy.

“Make sure you keep it out.”

He looked down at his semi erect dick. “The toy or my cock?”

“Both.” I could tell Joe was thinking about the couple that had first introduced us to the magic of the wand. My husband always got hard remembering that night with Jill and Alan.

I took inventory in the bathroom’s full length mirror:

Legs. The best thing about my body. Tanned, smooth and well toned. They lead up to a wide round bottom.

Pussy. Clean shaven, still tight, thanks to a daily regimen of Kegels.

Breasts. Still firm. So what if they rode a little lower now? I was no longer in my twenties. More than one man had cum while sliding his cock between those soft mounds of flesh.

There were a few more lines around my eyes than last year, but I was happy with the overall package. I knew I did not look 50 years old.

I had been looking forward to this weekend. It had been a long time since we had been out to play. Years of experience had taught me to go in with no expectations. Still, I hoped we would find the right couple to hook up with. A couple like Jill and Allen.

Joe and I met them a few years back. We were new to the lifestyle and still only doing soft swap. We attended a hotel party while on vacation in Atlanta. The first night it seemed like all we met were full swap couples. I feared we had wasted our money when a couple our age approached.

“Excuse me. Do you mind if we sit with you?” He was average looking, but the woman was gorgeous. Crystal blue eyes, just a hit of blush on her high cheekbones and an ass I would kill for.

“You are welcome to join us, but we are strictly soft swap.” Joe warned.

“Thank God. I was thinking we were the only ones. I’m Jill and this is Allen.”

Conversation flowed easily. They lived outside of Atlanta and had left the kids with her mom for the weekend. Jill, like me, was a teacher. Joe and Allen talked about baseball. As it always does, the conversation got around to what we were in to.

Jill was bisexual. I told her I was curious, but was not sure I could go down on another woman.

“Oral is just one way for two women to have sex. There are many others,” she replied.

Joe shifted in his seat. Seeing me with another woman was on his bucket list. “Perhaps we can go to your room and you could show us some of those other ways.”

A subtle glance passed between Jill and her husband. “Let’s dance first.” Allen suggested.

We danced as a group. Jill and I teased the men, rubbing up against them. I thought Joe might cum when Jill bent over and ground her tight ass against his crotch.

When the DJ shifted from Techno-Pop to slow songs, Jill and I danced together while Allen and Joe got us something to drink.

It felt awkward at first, never having danced so close to another woman. Jill seemed to have enough experience for both of us. Her hand at the small of my back, she cradled my other hand and led us around the dance floor.

She pulled me in close. The smell of jasmine in her shampoo mixed with the fruity scent of wine on her breath. Perky breasts, with nipples that seemed to always be hard, were pressing against mine. I was growing wet.

The softer music allowed us to hear one another without having to yell. Jill whispered in my ear, “I am going to kiss you, is that OK?”

Parting my lips in response, I tilted my head to the left. Her kiss was soft, yet urgent. I opened my mouth, eager for my tongue to taste hers. Hands and mouths explored one another in the middle of the dance floor. Our husbands watched from the shadows. That kiss is still one of the most sensual things I have ever experienced.

Jill released her hold on me. My knees went weak when she whispered. “When we get to our room, let’s get the guys off right away, then we can focus on each other.”


Joe reclined, naked in the room’s only chair. “Geez, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to cum so quick.”

“Don’t worry about it, buddy. I couldn’t help myself either. We are lucky to have wives that are awesome at sucking cock. Besides, I’m pretty sure the girls have a plan to get us hard again.” Allen reassured him from one of the two queen-sized beds.

Jill and I knelt on the other bed, facing one another. We had stripped down to our underwear before blowing each other’s husband.

My breath had faltered when the other woman removed her blouse. I stared with a mixture of desire and envy at her round breasts, firm and high, with hard pink nipples. Locked in a losing battle with gravity, since I turned 30, I kept the push-up my bra on. I felt no need to invite comparison with the lithe Jill.

Jill leaned to kiss me, suddenly nothing else mattered. Joe and Allen ceased to exist. My self-consciousness faded away, lost in her warm embrace. We kissed with passion, our tongues entwined. Her breasts were soft and warm. She shivered when I brushed a thumb over a hard nipple.

Gentle hands freed me from the constrictive bra and guided me down the to mattress. Jill laid atop me. Warm breath caused my immense areolas to pebble. I blushed when she whispered, “Your boobs are amazing.”

She kissed my nipples, tongue teasing them. Silky lips covered my torso in butterfly kisses, only stopping when they reached the waistband of my royal blue panties. I raised my ass, allowing Jill to slip the underwear over my hips. She tossed them toward the men, who were intently watching.

I heard Jill inhale as she lowered her face to my quivering pussy. She bent lower and kissed my mound. A jolt of pleasure rippled across my body when she kissed me again. This time on my clit. My lips parted as her tongue glided up and down my slit. Nimble fingers pulled my hood back. With the tip of her tongue, Jill traced small hearts over the swollen nub. So intense was the sensation; I cried out in sheer joy.

Jill pleasured my pussy in ways no man ever had. I moaned in ecstasy. I couldn’t imagine a more amazing feeling — until a moment later — when she sucked my clit between her hot lips. Hips bucked, twisted, and squirmed. Wave upon wave of pleasure filled me with euphoria . Through it all, Jill’s mouth never released its grip on my sex.

The spasms and twitching slowed, her kisses became softer. Jill came up to lie next to me.

“That was incredible!” I cried before kissing her. The taste of my juices on her lips reminded me I needed to return the favor. As much as I wanted to, I was not sure I could go through with it.

My hand moved between her legs. Moisture was already leaking down Jill’s thigh. I pulled my hand back and froze. It was obvious how uncomfortable I felt. My cheeks flushed with embarrassment. It was Allen who broke the silence.

“Laurie, have you ever used one of these before?”

I turned to see him holding a Magic Wand. Passions, a store back home, carried a wide selection of such products, but I had never tried one. I shook my head.

“Well, this is Jill’s favorite toy in the whole world. Would you like to try it on her?”

“If Jill is OK with it,” I said, looking at her.

“I would love that!” she squealed. Moving her hips to the edge of the bed. Knees spread, pink lips already swelling in anticipation, as her husband plugged the wand in. Allen handed me the wand. I tested it against my arm. The power was impressive. Far stronger than any vibe I owned.

Allen’s cock pulsed against my ass, “There are two speeds. Start on low. Jill will guide you where she wants it. Once the screaming starts, hold it in place.”

The lesson complete, he took a seat on the bed next to his wife.

“Come on over here buddy, you’re going to want to see this.” Joe sat on the other side of Jill, who was massaging her breasts. If I thought my orgasm had been explosive, it was nothing compared to what I was about to witness.

Once again, I felt envy for Jill’s toned form when I touched the whirling head to her thigh. There was no hint of jiggle. She gave an encouraging smile, “Lower, honey.”

I was tentative, fearing I might wreck her pussy with such a powerful tool. Jill wrapped her hand just below mine and traced circles around her outer lips. Soft moans filled the air as she guided me in smaller and smaller circles. Ever closer to her core.

Sensing what she wanted, I touched the wand just beneath her clit. She gripped the handle again, pressing it tight against herself. Already breathing heavy she directed me to “Keep it right there, and go to full power.”

I flipped the switch, and all hell broke loose. Her body went stiff. Back arched, ass raised, breasts contracted, juices glistened. She screamed, face contorted as if in agony. A hand gripped each man’s thigh, fingernails dug into their flesh. Her head, the only part of her still touching the bed, shook from side to side.

Jill was pushing back so hard, I needed my other hand to hold the wand in position. The neighbors must have heard her screams. Feral howls mixed with the occasional “Fuck” and “Oh, God”.

Then, the dam broke. Warmth bathed my hand. I did not recognize what was happening until the second gusher splashed my belly. I always thought female ejaculation was a myth, the product of camera tricks used in pornos.

Jill laid before me, a look of complete bliss plastered to her face. She reached over and wrapped a hand around the stiff cocks at her sides. “Honey, I am spent. Would you mind taking care of these by yourself?”

“Of course not. You rest up. Tomorrow we are going shopping for a wand of my own.”

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  1. Your stories are so hot. Both my wife and I wank together reading them. We are both interested in exploring threesomes.


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