Club Aurora: A Swingers Tale

Mona watched as a young goth girl in tight leggings and an oversized Madonna t-shirt stepped up to the DJ’s booth. She heard Martin’s voice behind her; she turned around to find him. He was just finishing giving several couples the tour. Her eyes widened, and she spun her head back to the table, looking down.

“What is it Mona? You look like you saw a ghost.” Burt asked.

“The couple behind me. The woman in the white blouse with the guy in the blue shirt.” She said.

“No, don’t look,” she hissed. “I know those people. I hope they didn’t see me.”

“Darling, if they are in a swingers’ club, they’re here for the same reasons we are.”

“I see your point, but it would still be awkward if they saw us.” she said

“Well, get ready for awkward, they are heading right for us.”

Mona gave a little groan and then smiled. This could be fun. She liked Laurie and Joe. They were funny people, and God knows they spent a ton of money in Passions.

Laurie was five feet from the table when she yelled, “Mona!? I knew that was you!” and leaned in to give her a warm embrace.

Somewhat flustered, it took Mona a moment to introduce everyone. After they had shaken hands and Lori gave Mona another hug, Burt asked them if they would like to join them. The other couple sat down, accepting his offer,

Laurie was nervous, and was far more talkative than Mona had ever seen her. The placid school teacher was a different woman tonight. Turning to Burt, Laurie said, “I was telling your wife just this afternoon about our grand plans for tonight, but I didn’t know we would run into her.” It was as if the woman had no off switch. “Do you guys come here often? How long have you been swingers?”

“We have not been here before,” Mona said.

Burt knew better than to explain that they had met at the club many years ago, “It is our first time here.”

“Yes, this is our first time, too. We’re hoping to fulfill one of Joe’s fantasies tonight.”

Joe’ whose eyes were darting from beautiful woman to beautiful woman, said, “It’s like a God damn candy store in here.”

Laurie laughed and told him to “Remember what Martin told us, ask before you touch.”

The DJ cranked up the sound to start the evening. Laurie shouted over the music, “I love this song. Come on Mona, dance with me.” Sliding from her stool, Mona reminded herself that these were Platinum level customers. Besides, she wanted to shake her ass.

To fill the silence after the women had left the table, Burt asked Joe, “What’s this fantasy your wife was talking about?”

“Laurie has agreed that we can have a threesome with another woman.”

“Is she meeting you later?” Burt asked.


“This other woman.” Burt smiled.

“No, we just figured we would find someone here.” Joe said.

Burt laughed. “You’re looking for a goddamn unicorn on Valentine’s Day?”

“What’s so funny?” Joe asked, sensing that there may be some flaws in his plan.

“Look, first off, a woman needs to be bisexual to want to be with a husband and wife. Then she needs to be single. Most attached women don’t play with couples alone. Some do, but they are few. These women are very rare. That’s why we call them unicorns. The ones that exist have their choice of hundreds of couples, all looking for the same thing you are.”

“So you’re saying that I am out of luck tonight?”

Burt gave a long look at his wife on the dance floor. “I have only met one in my lifetime, but she didn’t enjoy just being another couple’s plaything and stopped years ago.”

They sat in silence for a while, just watching the women dance. When the DJ switched to a slow song, Laurie and Mona booed, then returned to the table.

Laurie asked what was wrong, seeing the glum expression on Joe’s face.

“Burt said we are looking for a unicorn.”

“What’s that mean?” asked Laurie.

“It means I won’t get to see you with another woman tonight.”

Perhaps it was the dancing or the third glass of wine that had loosened Mona up. Whatever the reason, she decided to make sure everyone got their fantasy fulfilled that night. Joe and Laurie were her best customers, true, but she suspected they had done nothing like this before.

“Have the two of you talked this through. Are you sure you are both comfortable with the idea?” she asked.

Laurie replied for both of them. “I know we said it was Joe’s fantasy, but the truth is I have wanted to be with another woman for a long time.”

“It’s true,” Joe agreed. “But from what Burt said, I don’t think we will find anyone to help us make it a reality.”

“Put that aside for a moment. Have you talked about how you would feel if you saw each other with someone else. Not in the moment, but afterwards.”

“You mean would it change how I think about her?” Joe asked.

“That is exactly what I mean.”

“Our marriage is solid. Nothing that happens here tonight could change that.” she replied.

“Laurie, how do you feel about all of this?” Mona asked

“I am excited. We have tried just about everything two people can do together. Adding someone else just seems logical. It adds so many options. The only part that makes me nervous is being with some stranger. I don’t see that we have any other choice. It’s not like I could invite someone from work to join us.”

“Yes. It is a good idea to separate business from pleasure,” she said, more to herself than either of them.

“I appreciate you caring enough to ask.” Laurie laid her hand on Mona’s. “You have always given us such excellent advice. We trust you.”

“Too bad you aren’t single and bisexual.” Joe joked. “You would be the perfect unicorn for us.”

Mona gave him a slight smile and turned to his wife.

“Laurie, why are you hiding that beautiful corset we picked out today.”

“I realized how exposed it made me, so I am keeping my blouse on until later. Martin said people don’t get naked in the main area until at least midnight.”

Joe, who had not yet seen Laurie in the top, said, “I don’t think I can wait until midnight. Besides, seeing you in it might take away the disappointment.”

“You can just stop with those puppy dog eyes, Joe Kastleman. I refuse to be the only woman in this room with my boobs hanging out.”

“Then why don’t we take a walk and see what is happening in the playrooms. Maybe we can find an empty one and you can give us a small peek.” Mona suggested.

“That is a great idea. I want to check out the chair in room four, anyway.”

Joe was already on his feet. “You coming with us, Burt?”

He wouldn’t have missed it for the world. “Right behind you, Joe.”

Burt took Mona’s hand and whispered, “Are you planning what I assume you are?”

“Just follow my lead.” she replied with a smile.

When they caught up to the other couple, Laurie and Joe standing outside a room with the velvet rope up. They were watching the action beyond the doorway. Mona leaned between them, lightly touching the small of Laurie’s back. The two men in the room were fucking a pair of women from behind. The two women looked so similar that Mona thought they might be sisters.

Laurie stepped back to give Burt a better view and turned to Mona. “They mentioned there is a Sybian in room nine. What is that?”

“It is a giant vibrator. You straddle it like you’re riding a horse. The effect is like a Magic Wand, but 100 times stronger.”

Joe said, “She worships her Hitachi. It’s the only toy that causes her to squirt. I turn that thing on high and she goes off like the fountains at the Bellagio.”

“Shush Joe”, Laurie led them down the hall to room four and the spider chair.

Laurie jumped into the chair, leaned backward and spread her legs up. “Oh my god,” she told Joe. “We are trying this before we go home.” When it occurred to Laurie that she was displaying her naked pussy to everyone in the room, she clenched her thighs together and hopped down from the seat.

Joe, already becoming aroused, reminded her of the promise to show them what she had on beneath the heavy white top.

“Lock the door.” she said to Burt, who was relaxing in the room’s only armchair.

Mona and Joe looked on from the corner of the king sized bed. Laurie turned her back to them and slowly undid the buttons of her blouse. With her back still to them, she dropped the blouse to her side, hid her large bosom in her hands and turned to face them.

“Looks like an exact fit.” Mona told her.

“Put your hands down,” Joe said. “I want to see those beautiful titties.”

Her chest and face flushed as her hands dropped to her sides. The cup less design did a perfect job of supporting her heavy bust.

Laurie saw Mona glance at her pierced nipples. “They were Joe’s birthday present last year, but it was a gift for me as well. I love the sensation I get when they rub against my bra.”

“Did it hurt?” Mona asked.

“Not as much as you would think.” Laurie giggled, “I think I might be a little under dressed, with you all gapping at me.”

“Well, maybe I should take my top off too, you know, just to make things even.” Mona said. “Would that be OK with you, Joe?”

Joe stammered. Mona knew he tried to peek down her top whenever he came in the store. “Well, I believe it’s OK with me if Burt doesn’t care.”

“He doesn’t.” she replied, and unfastened the bodice.

Mona gave a soft sigh of relief as the confining corset released its tight embrace from her body. She massaged her breasts, allowing blood to flow to her sensitive areolas, and her nipples hardened. She placed a hand on Joe’s thigh, stood and walked to Laurie.

“I am just so fascinated by your piercings. Do you mind if I touch them?”

Laurie gave a nervous laugh. “I am sure Joe would enjoy that. Go ahead if you want to.”

Mona moved to the side, give the men an unobstructed view. She cupped a hand beneath Laurie’s substantial breast. Laurie gave out a small shiver. When Mona tweaked her nipple, she moaned in pleasure.

Laurie purred when Mona whispered in her ear, “Would you like me to do more?”

From behind, she ran her hands over the larger woman’s still exposed breasts while kissing the back of her neck. Laurie pushed her hips back against the taller Mona. Mona released the zipper at the rear of Laurie’s skirt, slid it down Laurie’s expansive hips, before dropping her own skirt. To the men watching them, the contrasts must have been striking. The compact and curvy Laurie had a natural tan. Short black hair framed her round face.

Mona’s body was long and taut. Blond tresses flowed over her creamy shoulders.

Mona turned Laurie around so they faced one another and gently kissed her on the lips, wanting to see how the other woman would react. When Laurie parted her lips and returned the kiss, she knew she had consented.

Laurie buried her face in the crook of Mona’s neck and planted kisses up and down her soft shoulders. She bit down when Mona’s long fingernails drew across her ass. Her hand trailing over Laurie’s hip, Mona reached down and cupped the other woman between her thighs. Heat radiated from her sex. “Would you like to try the spider chair?” she asked.

“Very much so.”

Joe had stripped down and was stroking himself through his boxers. Mona invited him to join them.

Joe shared a soulful kiss with each woman before helping Laurie onto the seat and making the adjustments she requested. Once positioned, Joe and Mona took up places on each side of her.

Joe put a hand around her breast and teased her nipple with the tip of his tongue. Mona gave her another deep kiss, biting at Laurie’s lower lip. Joe ran a finger over her glistening slit while Mona brushed a delicate hand across her inner thigh. Mona moved her fingers in between Joe’s. Together, they explored Laurie’s folds. Her senses overloaded by the contrasting differences in their touches, Laurie breathed heavily.

“I want to taste you. Would you like me to lick your pussy, Laurie?”

“Oh God, yes, but I’m not sure I would be comfortable doing the same for you.”

“That’s fine, I am sure Joe will be happy to reciprocate on your behalf, won’t you Joe.”

As Joe bobbed his head Laurie said, “Oh, you will love that. The man has a master’s degree in eating pussy.”

Mona adjusted the kneeler in the chair’s base and shifted between Laurie’s suspended legs. Her face was level with the throbbing pussy in front of her. Inhaling, she smelled the earthy aroma tinged with a molasses undertone. It had been a long time since she had enjoyed another woman. She had forgotten how unique each of their scents are.

Mona put her mouth to Laurie’s fleshy inner lips. They were much more pronounced than her own; she sucked them into her warm mouth. Laurie squealed with pleasure. Beyond Laurie’s pubic mound, Mona saw Joe holding his wife’s hand as his fantasy unfolded before him. She correctly assumed Burt liked what he was seeing as well.

As she moved her mouth over the hardening clit, she heard Laurie say, “Honey, you may have masters, but this bitch is a Ph’d”

Laurie ran her fingers through Mona’s hair. She sucked the protruding nub. The woman’s body twitched and Mona released a mouthful of saliva, using it to further lubricate the already slick hole.

Satisfied Laurie was loose, Mona slid two long delicate fingers in, which caused the woman to arch her back and gasp. She moved her fingertips along the upper wall of the tight chamber. Laurie groaned, “That feels so fucking good.”

Mona found the spot she was looking for, applied gentle pressure, and flexed her fingers. The English teacher’s vocabulary became a random combination of; ‘Oh, shit’, feral screaming, and ‘FUCK.’

Her body shuddered. She bucked her hips so hard that her pubic bone collided with Mona’s nose. Despite seeing stars, she kept sucking Laurie’s large clit and fingering the sweet spot.

Mona knew Laurie was sensing the contractions around her fingers. She released the clit from her mouth and said, “Cum for Mommy.” Mona’s educated guess proved to correct as Laurie came hard, bathing her lover’s hand with warm juices.

Standing, Mona leaned in and kissed the still gasping Laurie on her cheek. Laurie pulled Joe down to her and said, “I am going to lie here until my pussy stops twitching, but you need to go take good care of Mona. She deserves it. That was fucking amazing.”

Mona had stretched out on the bed, Joe joined her and she gave him a long kiss, coating both of their mouths with his wife’s nectar. Joe was eager to follow Laurie’s instructions and wasted no time. Joe slid his hand between Mona’s thighs. Her slickness showed how Laurie’s explosive orgasm had affected her. She reached into his boxers and stroked his cock.

They kissed, softly at first, but as their hands explored one another, the kisses became more passionate. Joe suckled at Mona’s hard nipples, surprised by how firm her round breast felt in his hand. Mona stopped him as he kissed his way down her body. “Joe, I don’t need more foreplay. What I need is to be fucked. Will you fuck me, Joe?”

Joe had almost forgotten that Burt was in the room with them when he spoke for the first time. “Joe, my wife asked you a question. Are you going to fuck her?”

Joe gave Laurie a questioning look. She was now lying in bed beside them.

“Yes, please Joe, fuck her. Fuck her good, she deserves it.” confirmed Laurie, as she touched herself. Turning to Burt, she winked and said, “I think I like to watch, too.”

With confirmation from their spouses, Mona did not wait for Joe to respond, already mounting him. She placed a knee on either side of his hips. Lowering herself until the head of his cock brushed against her hole. She held in place for a brief second and stared Burt in the eye. Then she lowered herself onto the thick shaft and let out a moan of satisfaction as he filled the narrow space of her tight cunt. When her ass reached his balls, she stopped. “Laurie never told me what a gigantic cock you have, otherwise we might have done this a long time ago.”

Mona straightened her back, which caused Joe to sink deeper into her. With a small sigh, she laced her fingers behind her head and ground her hips. Eager for more, Joe cupped her ass and pulled her back down to him. She stopped short, so that her breasts hung in his face. His hot breath against her nipples sent shivers through her pussy. When Joe pumped his hips, she found his rhythm and matched it. The sucking sound her pussy made on every backward stroke told everyone how wet she had become.

Mona was aware of Laurie shifting on the bed next to them, but distracted by the familiar warmth that was now flowing through her body. She was unprepared when Laurie’s finger pushed past the tight ring of her ass.

“Oh, Jesus,” she cried out. If she had felt filled by Joe’s cock before, it was nothing compared to having both holes filled. When Laurie inserted a second finger, she slipped over the edge. She realized Joe could feel his wife’s finger through the wall of her vagina when he picked up the pace.

Mona reached down to her clit, eager to have release before Joe came inside her. She looked at Burt, his cock in hand stroking it. Her husband pleasuring himself, while she fucked another man, sent her to the brink. She was rode Joe’s cock like her life depended on it, so urgent was her need to cum.

Then it happened; the room went dim, an electric pulse spread from her core to her stomach and thighs. Her entire body stiffened, tension contorted her muscles and paralyzed her ability to think. A loud noise escaping through her mouth. The pleasure continued to build on itself until, at its peak, it exploded and all the tension left her body.

After regaining the use of her senses, Mona realized everyone was silently staring at her. Laurie turned to Burt and asked, “Does she cum like that every time?”

“No, sometimes she gets loud.” This caused Joe and Laurie to laugh.

“I will not apologize to any of you for the volume of my orgasms.” Mona said, sticking her tongue out at them. She was giddy, as if coming down from a great high.

“Thank you for a wonderful time, Mona.” Laurie said, resting her head on Joe’s shoulder. “Burt, I can’t express how grateful we are that you shared your wife with us.”

“I think we all got what we came here for tonight. It was lovely to meet both of you, but if you will excuse us, I intend to reclaim my wife. You are welcome to stay and watch if you like.” he said with a wink to Laurie.

“Thank you for the offer, but we will get dressed and leave you two alone. Come on, Joe, I want to check out the Sybian.”

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