And So It Began…

I am convinced my wife fucking other guys is a key reason the sex has remained so great between the two of us. After all these years together, we still make love three or four times a week. More during play weeks.

In the five years since I married Laurie, she has had sex with more men than in all the time before we met.

When I met Laurie, I deleted my on-line dating profiles. Without even realizing I was searching, I had discovered my soul mate. Laurie has never given reason to believe she feels any different. She tells me I am her world.

You might ask, ‘So why is she about to screw another man, while I watch?’

It all started harmlessly enough. Three years ago, we were laying in bed, watching porn. Something we had done since we first started dating.

It was an orgy scene. Laurie said, “I love these ones, all the bodies and sounds. It’s so hot.”

Reaching between her thighs, I could feel the effect the video was having on her. Wasting no time, I kissed his way down her body. Her nipples were already puckered when I sucked them into my mouth. She moaned when I gripped her voluminous breasts and bit both nipples simultaneously.

Laurie’s breathing quickened as I massaged her swelling lips. She let out a heavy sigh when I kissed my way across her belly.

The remote was under her hips when she squirmed in anticipation, causing the sounds from the TV to get very loud. Rather than distracting Laurie, it served to increase her excitement.

Wetness seeped from her sex. Licking her slit from hole to nub, I relished her sweet syrup coating my tongue. I could tell she was ready. Laurie moaned when I slid a finger into her pussy. “Oh God,” she moaned when I found her spot. “Fuck, yes” she screamed when a finger slipped in her ass.

Vibrating my fingers up and down, I used my tongue to paint circles over her hard clit. Thrusting against my mouth, I could tell Laurie was impatient to cum. When I sucked the nub into my mouth and bit down she erupted.

“Oh, my God. Get up here and fuck me.” Laurie cried. “But don’t cum. I want to suck you off.”

Realizing Laurie could easily come another three or four times, I intended to make sure she had as many as she could handle. My cock slid easily into her slick pussy. Rather than giving her the pounding she wanted, I teased her, slowly moving in and out.

Giving her the full length of my cock before withdrawing all but just the tip had her moaning. Moving in gradually and drawing back quickly.

I felt her hands on my ass, urging me to pick up the pace. Rather than obliging right away, I leaned in and kissed her. Laurie kissed me back, and we lingered like that for several moments. Finally pulling backward and looking Laurie in the eyes, I sighed, “I love you.”

“I love you more. Now fuck the shit of me.”

I know how she likes it. Shifting to my knees, I grasped behind her ankles. Lifting her knees above her head, my thighs resting against the bottom of her ass, my cock sank to her depth.

Laurie let out a long moan, “You’re so hard baby.”

Balanced on just my toes and hands, I hammered her needy pussy.

Laurie thrust rapidly upward to meet my every stroke. Her rapid breathing made it clear it would not take long.

As her inner walls tightened around my throbbing cock, I drove deep one last time. Laurie let out a scream as her whole body clenched beneath me. She raked her nails across my back so hard I was certain she had drawn blood.

Once Laurie had caught her breath, she asked, “You didn’t cum, did you?”

“No. Did you?”

“Very funny,” she said. “Roll over, I want to suck your dick.”

“Your wish is my command.”

Laurie stroked me a couple of times, subtly removing her juices from my cock. Once she was satisfied, she spread her plump lips and took my pulsing tip into her mouth. I moved a hand encouragingly at the back of her head. Opening her mouth wide, she bobbed up and down on my shaft.

She moved her tongue back and forth across the sensitive underside. I love the way her tongue feels against the large vein.

“You do that so good,” I moaned, reaching under her hips.

Laurie got on her knees, making room for my hand, never allowing my cock to slip from her mouth. I fingered her slick hole, she quickly came again. She worked my cock with abandon, eager to return the favor.

“I am going to cum,” I warned. Laurie does not like it when I cum in her mouth. Rather than pulling off, this time she took me deeper.

Thinking that she had not understood me, I tapped her on the shoulder. Laurie shook me off and moved up and down more rapidly. When my balls tightened, I felt her relax before taking my full length into her throat.

I let out a loud groan as my hot seed pumped down her throat.

“Did you like that?” she asked, coming up to kiss me.

“Oh, I loved it. It really took me by surprise.”

“Me too. I guess all those bodies on the TV and the sounds of everyone fucking got me a little extra horny.” She confessed. “I kept imaging what it would be like to make love to you, surrounded by all those people having sex.”

“Sounds like fun.” I agreed, growing hard again.

If you enjoyed this story, you can read the rest of it in, The Kinky Kastlemans-First Time Swingers

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