My First Time Playing Separate

I am on the back deck, overlooking the pool. I see, even though the party is just getting started, Joe has already made a new friend. A hand touches the small of my back. It is our host, Tony. “I see your husband has met Holly.”

“I‘m happy for him. This is our first time playing separately. He didn’t say it, but I know he was nervous. Unsure that anyone would want to be with him.”

“No need to worry. Our guests love new people,” he said. “Holly is going to have him tied up for a while. Can I offer you a tour of the house?”

“Your wife showed us around when we arrived.”

“I was thinking of something a little more intimate.” His smile was dazzling.

Nervousness and anticipation caused a flutter in my belly. It would be the first time I had sex without my husband in the room. Catching Joe’s eye, I waved before allowing Tony to guide me inside.

We pass through the kitchen, where his wife is chatting with several people. It feels awkward at first. I wonder what she is thinking, knowing that I am about to fuck her husband. I relax when she smiles and says, “You two have fun,” before resuming her conversation.

Tony stops in front of an open bedroom. He gives me an encouraging smile as we enter the room. It is the master bedroom. A king sized bed dominates the room and I hesitate when it occurs to me — this is the bed where he and his wife make love. Then I think, ‘She did not seem to mind, why should I.’ Tony shuts the door and I start to remove my top.

“Wait.” He says, “I want to undress you.”

His arms embrace me, his lips are soft on my neck. Smells of manly musk and the earthiness of his after shave mix as I breathe in his scent. With a gentle touch, he slides my shorts past my hips. My nipples harden when he pulls the tunic over my head.

He has removed my bra and panties and is now pulling me close. His hands cup my ass and I feel his hardness press against my belly.

“Lay on the bed, let me look at you.”

My hair falls over the pillow. Raising one knee, my thighs part. Slowly, I run a hand over my breasts.

His intense eyes study my body. I can feel the heat on my cheeks rising when he says, “You are beautiful. That is why I chose you.”

This is why I am here, this feeling of being exalted. It is what drives me to give myself to other men.

When removes his shirt, exposing a broad chest, I whistle in appreciation. I notice the hair on his tanned torso, but my eyes do not linger, more interested in the pink tip peaking above the waistband of his shorts. He sees where I am looking and smiles.

When he steps to the side of the bed, I know what he wants. I want it too. Eager to release his cock, to feel it against my tongue, I unzip his shorts. It springs free. I gasp when I see how long he is.

I run my tongue up his shaft. It twitches when I reach the tip, but I do not take him in my mouth. Instead, I draw out the anticipation, kissing my way back down to his balls.

A hand on the back of my head tells me what he wants. He is long, but not too thick. My favorite kind of cock. I have no problem taking him in my mouth. He lets out a moan when my tongue rolls across his underside. I slide him deeper into my mouth, a little further on each downward pass. When I reach the limit of what I can take, I wrap a hand around his shaft and fuck him with my mouth.

My pussy was practically gushing as the sound of his pleasure filled the room. I get a sense of power from sucking dick. To have a man’s cock in my mouth, deciding when and if he will cum, puts me in control. I take him to the brink before pulling back, doing it over and over. I am in control.

I flinch when Tony pinches my nipple too tightly. He notices and releases his grip, grazing my areola with his thumb. I feel him shift position. His hand runs down my body. My legs spread, eager for his touch. I am already soaked, running a finger over my slit. Tony feels it too. He thrusts his hips more rapidly, causing me to gag. I slow him down.

I love it when a man shoots their load when I give head. Knowing I am the cause of all that hot, sticky liquid turns me on. Not this time, though. I did not come here to just give blow jobs. I let his dick pop free. “Fuck me.”

He takes a condom from the basket on the nightstand before beckoning me to the edge of the bed. With a turn of my hips, I shimmy to meet him. When he bends to kiss me, I can taste mint on his tongue.

Strong hands slide beneath my thighs, my legs are in the air, resting against his chest. He guides himself to my opening. I am slick with desire, and my wet pussy offers little resistance. I shudder when his long cock bumps against my back wall. It is a new, but not uncomfortable sensation.

He fucks me slow at first. I match his pace. He is reaching unknown places. It feels amazing, but I realize I will not orgasm in this position and I badly want to cum.

“Let me get on top. I want to ride that amazing cock,” I tell him.

I climb astride him, lowering my hips. When his head grazes the spot, I know I will cum very quick. My orgasm building, I fuck him hard, Tony is eager for release and increases the pace. I worry he will cum before I do. Then it happens. That small thought of his orgasm is all it takes. The image pushes me over the edge. My muscles contract right before the jolt rocks my body.

I continue to gyrate while catching my breath. “How would you like to cum?” I ask him. Predictably, he says from behind. I don’t object. It is one of my favorite positions.

I get on my hands and knees. His hands are on my hips as he pushes past my swollen lips. His grip tightens, and he thrusts harder and deeper. He lets out a growl. I smile, feeling his cock getting harder and larger inside me. My muscles clench, gripping his cock tighter. With an arch of my back, I push back to meet him. His balls slap against my clit. When he spasms, releasing his load, my orgasm takes me by surprise.

We laid there for a few minutes afterwards. I was always unsure of what the etiquette is in such situations. Finally, I said, “Thank you. I enjoyed it”

“You were amazing. Your husband is a lucky man.” Tony said. When he stood to get dressed, I took that as my cue to do the same.

“Feel free to use the master bath,” he said, showing me a door I had not noticed before.

“Thank you. I should clean up and go find Joe.”

“I am sure Joe is having a good time. Holly loves to fuck. You would think she gets all the dick she can handle at home. Her husband has a beer can of a cock.” Tony winked. “If you will excuse me, I have to go check on our other guests. Come find me if you want a second round.”

Once he left, I ducked into the bathroom to clean up and dress. I was eager to compare experiences with Joe. I also wanted to find out which man was Holly’s husband.

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One response to “My First Time Playing Separate”

  1. Great short story, never really read a swinger story before. Never been my cup of tea, but I liked how you introduced it in here. The woman showed a lot of power and control in this wife swapped story. Nice! Very well detailed while keeping the flow nice and smooth


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