Jessica and The Professor

When Thursday arrived, she decided to skip her classes. Wanting the morning free to prepare. After showering and doing her hair and make up, Jessica had dressed in her interview clothes. A mid calf pencil skirt and white cotton blouse. Beneath it she wore a matching pink bra and pantie set. Taking a deep breath and trying to calm her racing heart, she knocked on the office door.

“Come in.”

Charlene was seated behind her desk. She wore a charcoal and white striped blouse, open at the throat. Jessica felt her breath catch at the magnificent display of cleavage. The woman looked up and gave Jessica a flat stare. Combs on either side pulled back her jet black hair, adding to the severity of her look. Her nude full lips were expressionless.

If Professor Dixon was surprised to see her, she did not show it. Nor was she going to make it easy for Jessica.

“Yes Ms. North, what can I do for you.” she asked, before returning her attention to the papers she had been grading.

“I wanted to continue what we started the other day.” Jessica said.

“Yes, as I remember you were interested in studying Economics,” she said without looking up from the paperwork. “I am afraid I do not have time today to discuss your interest in Mr. Feldman today”

Jessica knew she deserved the other woman’s scorn. She was prepared to make it up to her. She needed to convince Professor Dixon that she was worthy of her time. Making as if to leave, she locked the office door and returned. Standing directly in front of the desk, she unbuttoned her blouse.

She had Professor Dixon’s attention. The woman leaned back in her chair and watched as Jessica neatly folded the top and set it on one of the two guest chairs. Swaying her hips slightingly, she traced the delicate lace that outlined her bra, before cupping her small but perfectly shaped breasts.

Charlene licked her lips as the younger woman unzipped her skirt and shimmied, letting it fall around her ankles. She turned and bent to pick up the skirt, giving the instructor a magnificent view of her narrow ass. After placing the skirt on the chair, she turned back to the desk and unfastened her bra. Covering her bare breasts with an arm, she tossed the garment on the desk. It landed directly in front of where Dixon was seated.

Moving as if to music only she could hear, Jessica ran her hands over her torso, stopping occasionally to tease a nipple. Cupping her pussy with one hand, she could feel herself getting wet. She knew she was having a similar effect on Charlene by the way the older woman kept shifting in her chair.

When Jessica walked behind the desk, Charlene turned her chair to face her. The younger woman knelt down, Charlene parted her legs. Placing her hands on the tops of Charlene’s muscular thighs, she crawled forward so that she could smell the woman’s sweet scent. The professor let out a small gasp as she felt the other woman’s warm breath on her flesh.

Jessica softly kissed her through the fabric of the black panties. Charlene let out another gasp, louder this time. Pulling the panties to the side, Jessica was greeted by a cleanly shaven labia. It surprised her. She had not thought the professor was the type to go in for such grooming. She wondered what other surprises she might find.

Gently running a finger across the swollen lips, she knew the woman was eager for her to proceed. Sucking her fingers, she moaned with delight. To Jessica, Charlene tasted as sweet as honey.

Charlene raised her ass off of the chair, helping the young woman free her of her panties. Once Jessica had removed the undergarment, she felt a large hand at the back of head urging her forward. Not wanting to disappoint the professor a second time, Jessica buried her tongue deep inside the woman’s hole.

She could feel the pulsing, inner wall muscles trying to pull her in deeper. Her face quickly became slick with Charlene’s juices. Sliding her mouth upward, she found the nub she was seeking. Like the woman it belonged to, it was large and hard.

Charlene let out a cat like mewl when she felt the other woman flick her tongue. Grabbing a handful of hair, she spurred Jessica on. Spreading her thighs wider, she moaned, “Yes, that’s it. Oh, just like that.”

Jessica sucked on the pearl as if drinking a milkshake through a straw. Feeling Charlene’s body tighten, she once again flicked her tongue. Again. And again.

The older woman let out a guttural growl as she lost control of her body. Hips twisting, thighs quivering, hands clutching the arms of her chair. Eyes scrunched shut, biting her lower lip as her body arched and spasmed. Finally she let out a long held breath and her ass slowly returned to the chair.

Looking up at the professor, Jessica asked, “Do you forgive me for the other day?”

“Of course, my dear,” came the reply. “Stand up, let me get a better look at you.”

Doing as she was told. Jessica stood between the woman’s still parted thighs. She was conscious of Dixon’s eyes slowly taking in her body.

Charlene was surprised at how good the young woman looked without her clothes. Her breasts were small, not much bigger than her own clenched fist, but perfectly rounded, with narrow areolas and bright pink nipples. Nipples that were small and very hard.

She pulled Jessica to her and sucked a nipple between her full lips. The young woman let out a low moan and put a hand behind the professor’s head. Charlene let out a contented sigh as Jessica ran her fingers through her hair.

Jessica felt a hand at the back of her thigh, slowly tracing its way to the swell of her ass cheek. With her hands on Jessica’s hips, Charlene turned her, so that she was facing the desk and slid her panties down.

“Bend over, I want to look at that gorgeous ass of yours more closely.”

Jessica crossed her arms on the desk and rested her cheek on her forearm. Her ass was now level with Charlene’s face. She let out a soft giggle at the feel of soft kisses on the small of her back. She stopped giggling when Charlene began to nip at the soft flesh of her ass.

She heard the first sharp slap before she felt it. By the third slap, her ass cheek was burning. Turning her head, she said to Charlene, “What the hell was that for.”

“Punishment for the way you teased me in my lecture hall.”

“I thought you forgave me.”

“Oh sweetie, I do forgive you, but that doesn’t change the fact that your actions have consequences.”

Jessica was suddenly aware that her pussy was incredibly wet. She had never thought she was the type who would enjoy being disciplined, but she was rapidly reconsidering that opinion.

She reached for the papers Professor Dixon had been grading when she had walked in. Giving the pile a shove, she knocked them onto the floor. Rather than apologize, she gave the teacher a definite stare before laying over her knees and presenting her bare bottom

“I guess I have another spanking coming.” she said with a gleam in her eye.

Charlene looked at the young woman’s perfectly shaped ass and smiled to herself. There was more than one way to punish bad behavior.

Jessica braced herself for the swats she knew she had coming. When she felt the large hand on her ass, she bite her lip in anticipation.

Rather than striking the little brat, Charlene gently stroked her ass. She took her time appreciating the firm young flesh. Moving her palm in slow circles, she worked her way between Jessica’s thighs. Jessica opened her legs to give Charlene’s probing fingers access to her wet folds. She let out a soft moan. She had hoped for a spanking, but this felt even better.

Charlene slid a finger in, pulling back to add a second. The young woman let out a gasp, raising her hips to meet Charlene’s thrusting fingers. Jessica could feel herself getting close every time the fingers brushed against the spot. Oh, that spot, that magical spot. So close.

Feeling the other woman’s body clinching against her fingers, Charlene slowly withdrew her hand..

“What the fuck,” cried a stunned Jessica. “Why did you stop? I was so close.”

“I am afraid that bad girls don’t get to cum, my dear.” said Charlene. “Now pick up those papers and get dressed.”

Shocked by the turn of events, Jessica did as commanded.

Charlene took a slip of paper and jotted something on it. Then she removed a key from her desk. Once Jessica was dressed, she handed her the paper and key.

“This is my address and the key to the back door. Let yourself in. Go directly to my bedroom.” she paused. “I have security cameras throughout the entire house.”

Jessica got the message. The professor would be watching her. “Yes ma’am.”

“Get undressed and wait for me in my bed. While you wait, I want you to play with yourself.”

Instead of being freaked out by the strange request, Jessica found herself getting turned on by the bizarre game.

“Under no circumstances are you allowed to cum. Do you understand?”

“Yes, ma’am.”

“Good, I will be watching.” It was a lie. The security cameras were only on the outside side of the property, but Charlene knew her instructions would be followed. This one was clearly eager to please.

“You can leave.” she said, returning to grading the papers, as if nothing had happened. “I will be home once office hours are over. I hope you will have learned your lesson by then.”

Jessica found the address she had been given. It was just a short walk from campus to the classic cottage style home. She slipped in the back door and was impressed by the tasteful interior design. Whites, soft pastels and natural wood finishes gave the house a welcoming feel.

Finding the master bedroom on the second floor, Jessica was struck by the contrast to the rest of the house. Minimalist in design, it was all blacks and whites. A king size bed set in the center of the far wall. On the left wall there was a black iron and glass desk. To the right a sleek black dresser and armoire. There were two closed doors. Jessica knew she dared not open them, but assumed they led to the ensuite and a walk-in closet.

Aware of how long she had been standing there and Charlene’s reminder that she would be watching, Jessica slowly began to disrobe. Unable to locate a security camera, she assumed it must be well hidden. She turned slowly, wanting to give the teacher a full view of her body before crawling on to the large bed.

Her pussy was still throbbing and the thought of being watched did nothing to change that. If anything it made the need to cum that more intense. A hand between her legs, the other cupping her breast, Jessica teased herself. Her touch was soft and gentle at first, remembering Charlene’s command that she not cum.

Soon she was fingering herself without restraint. Jessica knew her body well and was aware that just the right flick of her finger would put her over the edge. She was breathing hard, nipples puckering, thighs quivering, and then she stopped.

“Fuck, why is she making me do this.” Frustration echoed through the empty room. As badly as she wanted to cum, Jessica knew she would not defy the older woman. Fear of being sent away again made her follow instructions.

Her heartbeat back to normal, she set about pleasuring herself again. Bringing herself to the brink and stopping several more times. Having edged herself to near exhaustion, Jessica’s skin was glistening with a sheen of perspiration when she heard Charlene coming up the steps.

Aware that the homeowner was now standing in the doorway watching her, Jessica slid her fingers deep inside and pumped her hips. She looked at Charlene, her eyes begging for permission to cum.

“Not yet, my dear.” She said gently. “Come help me get undressed.”

Her pussy begging for satisfaction, Jessica reluctantly removed her hand and went to the larger woman. She nervously fumbled at first. Pulling the hem of the blouse from the skirt, she struggled with the top button.

“Calm down, my dear. We have all night.”

Jessica was relaxed by the soft change in Charlene’s tone and soon had her blouse off. Reaching behind her back and undoing the four snaps, the larger woman freed herself from the blue bra and let it fall to the ground. Pulling Jessica to her, she kissed her way up the long, slender neck.

“You are so soft and warm.” Jessica heard her whisper as she felt a strong hand tenderly massage her breast.

She bent her head to the side, encouraging Charlene to continue the soft kisses on her neck. The other woman nibbled at her earlobe, kissed her cheek before seeking out her warm mouth. She kissed Jessica firmly and passionately. Their tongues were soon entwined. The only sound, sighs and moans.

“Help me out of this skirt, I want to feel your mouth on my pussy again.”

Her own orgasm and desire to cum, temporally forgotten, she joined the now nude Charlene on the bed. She was eager to explore every inch of the woman’s sizable body. Kissing her way up the expansive curve of the other woman’s breast, Jessica was in heaven. Licking the wide halo surrounding the taut nipple, she felt the skin begin to pebble beneath her tongue. Eager to taste the sweetness awaiting her, she slowly kissed downward, along the soft stomach.

Charlene spread her legs and raised her knees to make access easier. Jessica delicately kissed her thighs while running her fisted knuckles up and down the slick slit. The other woman whimpered in approval at the technique.

Eventually Jessica’s mouth found its way to her folds. The contrast between the firm grinding of her fist and the delicate touch of her tongue soon had Charlene writhing. Raising her hips to meet the young hungry mouth, she stroked the other woman’s hair to show her appreciation.

Exclusively using her mouth now, Jessica ran her tongue up and down, pausing only to plant soft kisses on the rapidly hardening clit. Eventually her mouth settled firmly in place over the button and traced small x’s over it..

Charlene balled the sheet in her fist, the other hand grasping at the headboard. She let out a loud squeal of delight when she felt the finger push past her folds and enter the slick hole. Her ass twisted, her body eager to help Jessica find the right spot. Her heart was racing now; her young lover sucking at her clit and finger stroking deep inside.

Jessica continued to work her magic as she peeked over the other woman’s mound, watching as her massive breasts flush with anticipation, heaved up and down with every rapid breath. She felt herself getting wetter at the effect her actions were having on the professor.

“Oh, my God you are going to make me cum.”

Holding her position, continuing to suck and stroke even as the woman’s ass pumped up and down beneath her. Moans and groans filled the room.

Pressing the thumb of her free hand against the flesh beneath Charlene’s opening, set off a series of cries from the woman. “What ever the fuck you are doing down there, don’t stop.”

Jessica felt the other woman go rigid, her inner walls boring down on her fingers in a viselike grip. Screams of release echoed in her ears. Her face soaked, she did not stop until she felt the other woman go limp.

Resting her head on the soft inner thigh, Jessica breathed in the deep, musky smell of satisfied pussy. She felt warm in the knowledge that she had produced such a positive response from the professor.

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