Tending To My Needs

When I wake up this horny and Brandon is not here to fuck, I will masturbate. I like to luxuriate in bed, slowly edging. I stroke my lips, letting the warmth spread throughout my body. Getting my pussy good and wet before dipping a finger deep inside me. Using my juices as lubricant, I trace small circles around my clit. When I am just at the brink, I slow down and pull back. I have found that by doing this five or six times I can have explosive orgasms.

I had a busy day planned today, and did not have the luxury of laying in bed, playing with myself, for several hours. Knowing that if I didn’t take care of the ache between my legs, I would be miserable all day, I pulled out the drawer of my nightstand. I had been skeptical of the saleswoman’s claims when she recommended The Womanizer to me. I was pleasantly surprised. Once I figured out how to properly position the thing, it mimicked the feelings I got when Brandon would go down on me. Only much quicker and more intense.

I grabbed a towel from the floor beside my bed and put it beneath my ass. Experience has taught me that there was a 50/50 chance that the toy would make me squirt a little.

Pulling my knees towards my body, I spread my legs. Teasing my nipples with the vibration of the little toy, I used my free hand to finger my folds. When I can wait no longer, I pull back my hood, fully exposing the hard nub, and apply the suctioning tip to my throbbing clit.

Laying there, I thought about the dark skinned man from the food court. He was very attractive. I rarely have fantasies about other men. Brandon and I have been together since high school and I love him dearly. I know many women imagine being with another man; even during sex with their husbands, but I am not usually one of them. Brandon has always been enough for me, but now he wasn’t here. Would I really be able to go three weeks without sex?

The image of the black business executive popped back into my head. He had been so confident looking, the type of man who knew what he wanted and took it. If I was what he wanted, would I let him take me? What would it be like to be with another man after all these years? A man so much older and more experienced than Brandon. Imagining the things he could do to me, I moved my handover my large breasts. My pussy was calling for attention. Sliding a hand down past my tight belly, I teased my slit. The dampness was already forming.

I had a momentary feeling of guilt, realizing that Brandon had not been gone 12 hours and I was already fantasizing about another man. My need to cum was stronger than my feelings of guilt. Pushing the thought aside, I imagined the dark stranger standing over me as I teased my folds. He kneels before me as I spread my legs for him. His tongue explores my swollen labia slowly, before tracing circles around my clit. A heat spread from my core, I hear buzzing in my ears, so close. Oh God yes, I am about to cum.

My body’s reaction is immediate, back arches, breathing quickens and toes curl; as warmth spreads from the core outward. Drenched, my hand is bathed in warmth, as my body releases all that pent up tension. Panting, trying to catch my breath, I look at the clock and see that the entire process took less than 60 seconds.

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