The Teacher and The Jock

There were plenty of young men in the building who could cheer me up. I decided to troll the laundry room. It was always a great place to find a guy when you needed one. Pulling on a tight t-shirt and a short pair of shorts, I grabbed a basket full of undergarments and headed to the door.

Just as I reached for the handle, there came a knock from the other side. It startled me so badly I dropped the basket, spilling my lingerie all over the floor. Another knock begged for my attention.

I was surprised to see Colin standing there. He had a huge smile on his face.

“Colin, what a pleasant surprise. Come on in.”

He blushed at the sight of my thongs and push-up bras spread all over the floor. “Just give me a second to clean these up and we can have a seat on the couch.”

I knew my ass cheeks were hanging out of the tight shorts and took my time collecting the delicates. When I stood back up, he quickly looked away, but it was obvious he had enjoyed the view. His tight sweatpants did little to hide his excitement.

“Come into the living room,” I said, taking his hand. “Can I get you something to drink?”

“I am afraid I can’t stay. Coach wants me to do some film study.”

“This late at night?”

“That’s what I came to tell you. Our regular quarterback tore up his knee in practice today. I am starting Saturday’s game.”

Handing him a glass of cider, I said, “I am very impressed. My former student, the starting quarterback.” You will have girls crawling all over you after tomorrow.”

Colin refused to meet my eyes. Placing a hand beneath his chin, I lifted his face toward mine. “What is it sweetie?”

“It’s embarrassing.”

“You can tell me.”

Once again averting his eyes, the big jock mumbled, “I’ve never done it before.”

I was glad he had turned away. I did not want him to see the surprised look on my face. Knowing he dated the head cheerleader in high school, I just assumed they had been intimate.

“It is nothing to be ashamed of.” I assured him. “You will be ready when the time is right.”

“I am ready. It’s just that the girls I have dated were always scared.”

“Losing ones virginity is a big moment for a young woman. I am proud of you for not pressuring them.” I stroked his cheek.

“They weren’t virgins. They were just afraid that I would hurt them.”

“That is ridiculous. You are one of the sweetest, most gentle boy I know.”

He let out a big sigh. “You just don’t get it. I am really big down there. Girls take one look at it and get all freaked out. “

I could feel my pussy getting wet. I had to see this wonder cock of his. “Maybe they just don’t have experience with larger men. My husband was pretty big. Why don’t you let me take a look. I won’t freak out, I promise.

Standing up, he dropped his sweat pants, letting the thickest cock I had ever seen spring free. I realized how the young women must have reacted to the sight of such a large dick. A moment of irrational fear overtook me. Surely something that big would rip me in half. Not wanting Colin to see the same look of panic on my face, I took a deep breath and gave him a smile. Reaching for his hand, I said, “I believe we can work with that,” and led him to my bedroom.

“Get undressed and sit on the bed.” His muscular frame reflected the moonlight coming through the window. I realized that he was bathed in a light perspiration.

“Don’t be nervous.” I assured him, “I will take good care of you.”

Colin let out a moan when my long black hair brushed against his swollen cock. When I ran my tongue over his bulbous head, the moans became louder. His shaft was already twitching under my touch. I knew I would dislocate my jaw if I even tried to take his large cock in my mouth.

“Relax and enjoy this,” I said as I stroked him off, wanting him to last when he entered me.

He quickly erupted in my hand. Surprised by the amount of cum, I excused myself to clean up. I left him on the bed, breathing hard and smiling.

When I returned from the bathroom, I had stripped out of the robe and underwear. Standing silhouetted in the doorway, I asked, “Colin, have you ever eaten pussy?”

“No, but I am willing to learn,” he said, before flashing his dazzling smile.

Crawling onto the bed next to him, I kissed him lightly. Wrapped in his strong arms, we made out for several minutes. Our tongues entwined, our hands exploring. Arching my back, I signaled I wanted him to suck my nipples.

Reaching his hand between my thighs caused me to let out a small moan. He seemed to read my body with the same skill that he read opposing defenses.

“You are so wet.” I felt his hand stroking my slit.

“Would you like to taste me?” I whispered.

“Yes, very much.” Already slithering down between my legs.

He slurped at my sex as if he was licking a melting ice cream cone. Putting a hand on the back of his head to stop him, I said, “Gently. Go slow at first, just use the tip of your tongue.”

Softly tracing the contours of my lips, he asked, “Is that better?”

“Oh, God, yes.” Pulling the flesh above my pubic bone towards me, I exposed my swelling clit to his mouth. Warmth spread throughout my body as he layered the hard nub with butterfly kisses.

“Now, suck with your mouth.” When he did, I lost any ability to give direction. Instead, I grabbed the back of his head, fucking his mouth with my needy pussy. When he flicked his tongue, I slipped over the edge and screamed with joy.

“Did I do well?” He asked so earnestly, I laughed.

“You did fucking fantastic,” I assured him. “ Now lay on your back.”

My body was still riding an orgasmic high. Previous fears forgotten, I wanted to feel Colin’s cock in me. Using both hands, I applied a generous amount of lube up and down his shaft.

“That feels great.”

“If you like that, you are going to love what comes next,” I said, throwing one leg over his hip.

His hands went to my ass, pulling me close.

Putting a hand on his broad chest, “Colin, you are a big man. I need you to take it slow until I get used to your size. Can you do that for me?”

He nodded, and I reached between my legs, holding his shaft. I lowered my hips until I felt my slick hole touch the tip of his fat head. I moved him around, using his lubed dick to slick my pussy. When I was ready, I lowered myself further, just taking the head.

“Fuck,” I exclaimed. He was barely in me and I was already feeling stretched to my limits.

Looking at me with disappointed eyes, Colin said,” I knew I was too big for you. We can stop.”

“No. Just give me a moment to adjust.” I wanted that enormous cock in me and was not about to give up.

When I had him half way in, the pain subsided and was replaced with desire for more. By slowly working my hips, I was able to get all of him in me. My pussy had never been so full. Rather than hurting, it throbbed to be fucked, hard.

I slowly raised my hips and paused. Already missing the feeling of fullness, I thrust my hips downward and slowly back up. Leaning in to kiss Colin, I said. “I am ready, you can fuck me as hard as you want.”

Thrusting to meet my downward strokes, Colin grabbed my ass tightly in his large hands. I no longer felt any pain, just an intoxicating feeling of fullness. Craving more of the sensation, I told him to get on top of me. Rolling out from under him, I raised my knees slightly and urged him to enter me.

I could not imagine there being even a millimeter of space that his fat cock did not touch. My inner wall spasmed tightly around him. Now in the position of control, Colin picked up the pace.

He lifted my legs to his shoulders. Gone was the gentle, patient approach that he had shown earlier. My pussy was ready for him, as he delivered a hard fucking.

With my ass completely off the bed, he fucked me into the mattress. His hips moving rapidly. His cock was slamming deeper and harder with every thrust. My hungry cunt took it all. It was the most wonderful feeling of fullness I had ever experienced.

Then he shifted position, and I felt him slide a little deeper. I lost all control of my senses. Colin let out a grunt as he released in my pussy and I felt his warm stickiness bath my walls. The sensation pushed me over the edge. Feral howls came from deep within me and the dam broke. Then came the lightning bolts. My whole being felt electrified. The charge spread from my core and radiated through my thighs and nipples. Fingers and toes curled and then released as all the tension left my body. Out of breath, I dropped my hips back on the bed and attempted to speak.. Never had my pussy been so completely and properly violated.

Later that evening, when Colin was leaving, I thanked him for a wonderful time. I reminded him, regardless of what girls his age might think. His cock was perfect. He just needed to be patient and remember to take it slow at first.

He smiled and said, “You always were a great teacher.”

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