Promoting Your Erotica

As a writer of erotica, it can be difficult to find opportunities to promote your work. Many promotion companies shy away from anything they believe could offend their more traditional readers. Heck even Amazon, a huge seller of erotica, will not accept ads for what they consider to be ‘adult’ content.

I learned yesterday that Twitter had blocked me from advertising on the app, also citing adult content

Your account is ineligible to participate in the Twitter Ads program at this time.
This determination is based on the following Twitter Ads policy:
@NHothorne: Adult sexual products and services
Details about this policy are available at

So where can you turn to get the word out about your sexy book?

Paid ads in promotional newsletters such as Excite Spice and Shameless Books (both exclusively promote erotica) have produced good results for me, but they can be expensive to run.

StoryOrigin and BookFunnel are great for group promotions and building your mailing lists. Unfortunately, I have found they both have a very limited number of erotic authors registered. $100 annual fees may be a barrier to entry for some.

That is why I am looking to connect with other erotic authors and offering a free monthly promotional page on my website. The first promotion will launch October 1st and run the entire month. The promotion is Halloween themed but the books do not have to be.

Books featured can be can be for sale or reader magnets. The only real requirement is that they be erotica.

It is simple to participate. Email me a copy of your book cover and link you want me to use. I will add it to the promotional page, On September 30th I will email everyone a link to the promotion as well as copies of the image above for you to share on social media and your newsletters. By leveraging our combined followers and fans everyone will get increased exposure

This is a test launch, but if successful, I will host one promo a month. I am also looking into a way to set up an exchange where authors can connect to swap book mentions in their newsletters.

Promoting erotica will never be easy, but working together and supporting each other is a step in the right direction.

Have questions?

You can email me at
I am on Twitter at NHothorne

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