Part Two-Laurie (Continued)

Joe was pounding me from behind. My face buried in the pillow, his thick cock giving my needy pussy exactly what I craved. But I was having trouble cumming. This was a rarity. Joe gave me orgasms like no man I had been with.

‘Maybe I am just tired,’ I told myself, but I knew the truth. Our earlier conversation had unsettled me. Joe and I share our fantasies with each other, especially during sex. We have acted on most of them. Pegging, light bondage, spanking, but they had never involved other people.

I worried I might no longer be enough for Joe. I know I was being silly. I was the one who brought the idea up. Still, it made me uneasy.

Sure, Joe had not said we should sleep with other people, he simply suggested we go see what it was like. What if I agreed to this and one of us wanted to do more than watch? Would we be opening a door that could destroy our marriage?

Joe changed his pace behind me, trying to coax me to orgasm before he came. Despite his best efforts, I was not close.

If I am being honest, my own reaction to the idea concerned me even more. What if I was the one who wanted more? What if I wanted it to be another man fucking me from behind?

On my hands and knees, on the large mattress of the play area. Exposed for all to see.

My breathing quickened, my pussy grew slick.

A strange cock filling my pussy, firm hands grabbing my wide hips, pulling me to him with every thrust as he slammed his dick deep.

My walls began to spasm around the cock in me.

Would I make him pull out and cum on my ass, or would I let him shoot his load in me?

Electricity hums from my core, every fiber tenses.

“Cum in me,” I scream.

Hot thread after hot thread coats my walls

I cum hard, harder than I thought possible, and collapse to the bed.

I laid there, trying to catch my breath. Bathed in the afterglow of what was the best orgasm of my life, my head was spinning.

I felt shame, I never fantasized about another man during sex with Joe. That it had been a nameless, faceless man did nothing to ease my embarrassment. In fact, it made it worse. I felt lust. Had the thought of doing something so taboo uncovered a hidden desire on my part. I told Joe we were not swingers, but did I secretly harbor a desire to be one. I was confused. When Joe wrapped me in his arms and pulled me close, I felt love.

Part Three-Joe

I was noodling on the computer after dinner, while Laurie was watching TV, when she asked, “What do you think they wear at a place like Club Aurora?”

“Probably very little.”

“I am serious Joe.” She said, muting the TV.

“There is a member’s gallery on their website, it has some pictures.”

“Pull it up, let’s look.” She said, coming over to sit on my lap.

“It looks like we have to be members to see the pictures.” I said. “But it looks like membership is free.”

“Do we have to use real names?”

“Yes, and it appears we have to submit a photo, too.”

“Never mind then. I am not ready for that yet,” she said.


She sighed. “Yes, yet. I am giving it some thought, but I am still not sure it is a good idea.

I was more than a little surprised by her willingness to consider the idea. I knew her first husband had cheated on Laurie. While I saw no outward signs of it, I imagined she had feelings of jealousy and distrust when it came to me and other women.

“Are you sure you could handle it? That you won’t get jealous?”

“Joe, I know you love me. I have never felt so loved and secure in my life.” She said. “Nothing can come between what we feel for each other. You, my darling, are my whole world. This would just be about sex and we share so much more than that.”

“I do. I love you more than I ever thought it was possible to love someone.”

“What about you?” she asked. “Would it make you jealous to see me with another man?

“No. I think if you ever cheated on me, it would crush my soul, but this isn’t cheating,” I said. “This is something we would do for our mutual enjoyment. Honestly, the thought of watching you ride another man is giving me one hell of a boner.”

“Let’s not get a head of ourselves here.” Laurie said, “I haven’t agreed to go to the club, let alone have sex with other people.”

That was true, but I know my wife well enough to realize she would have never mentioned it if she was not already seriously considering the idea. I was giddy at the idea, but I did not Laurie to know how excited I was. Deciding to play it cool, I simply said, “We don’t have to make a decision right away.”

“Exactly, we have a lot to talk about first.” She smiled at me, “Right now, I want that big cock of yours in me.”